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    iPad Air random restarts

    Since day one I've had this problem where my iPad suddenly goes to the white screen with black Apple logo. This happens no matter if I'm in an app or just on the home screen. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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    So I didn't pre order the iPhone 5

    I tried to not succumb to the hype that surrounds the new phone but failed and now I want to find one. I would particularly like to purchase at Best Buy and was wondering if anyone knows the best days to check for shipments and availability. Thank you for your help.
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    Location services not working on iPhone 4S

    After three days of calling all the best buy's in my area I finally got my iPhone 4S. I got a 32GB white version on AT&T. So far I am very happy with it. My only complaint is that the location services isn't working. Siri tells me to turn her on and location services, which I know they are, and...
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    Did Apple fix antenna/camera issues?

    Did Apple ever fix this? I continue to have a weak signal when holding my phone even with the bumper on it. Also my camera still takes yellowish pictures in the wrong lighting. I was going to schedule an appointment to go talk to a genius but I thought I'd talk with the geniuses in this forum...
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    Phone Just Dies

    Today my phone just died. I tried hitting the home button, the sleep/wake button, and holding down the sleep/wake button thinking it was just off and no response from the phone. I pulled out my charger and plugged it in and nothing came on the screen. While the phone was plugged in I held down...
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    Bumper with case/wallet

    I currently have a griffin élan passport wallet. I like the case but it has no belt clip which I would really like to have. Also I can't put the bumper on the phone and in the case at the same time. My question is does anyone know of a case that would serve my needs? Those are a case that acts...
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    Finding an iPad

    So I bought a 16gb iPad at the beginning of the month. Within that week I decided I may want the 32gb because the 16gb filled up pretty fast. This started my hunt at the best buy stores for a 32gb version. Everyday I either call or stop into one because it is on my way to work and they keep...
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    Do I need bigger storage?

    I purchased the 16gb iPad. I have been contemplating if I should go to the 32gb model. What would anyone recommend or give some tips?
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    screen acting up

    I just got done using my iPhone heavily by surfing the net and making calls for the past hour and a half or so all while keeping the phone on charge. All of a sudden the touch part of the screen started to act up. It seemed to be only the bottom right quarter of the screen that was acting up and...
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    Any iPhone cases similar to Revo iSkin?

    So I like the Revo iSkin because I had it on my 1st gen iPhone but I was wondering if there were any similar cases available. The things I liked about the original case were that it had a good amount of silicone and the hard plastic screen protector. The tings I didn't like were that the...
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    From iPhone to iPhone 3G

    So I just purchased a 3G and am waiting for it to come in the mail so meanwhile I thought I would ask probably a fairly simple question and it might have been answered before, if it has forgive me for reposting. Here goes. I was wondering if the backup that iTunes has for my 1st gen iPhone will...
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    Tampa Bay/Clearwater FL 3G Service

    I'm curious if anyone here lives in this area and could tell me how good the 3G service is on the iPhone. Thanks.
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    Can only get new mail from Microsoft exchange when on WiFi?

    So if I am connected to my work's wifi I can get my work email fine from the exchange server buy once I leave the wifi area my phone tells me that it can't get the mail. Does anyone else experience this and does anyone know a way to fix it? Thank you.