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  1. Panache010

    LED status light?

    Its the LED camera flash and yes the 4S will have it as well
  2. Panache010

    Can't update to iOS 5 an internal error occurred

    Umm speaking of iMessage, where is it?
  3. Panache010

    Can't update to iOS 5 an internal error occurred

    finally, no error
  4. Panache010

    Has the proximity issue been fixed?
  5. Panache010

    Has the proximity issue been fixed?

    No it wasn't wide spread but if you search the forums back about a year ago, you'll see it was a big issue. I asked because mines started acting up again yesterday. Yet another reason to get a 4S if they fixed it
  6. Panache010

    Has the proximity issue been fixed?

    Any word on a new proximity sensor or it being corrected?
  7. Panache010

    Siri App?

  8. Panache010

    Siri App?

    Actually Apple purchased the company who created the initial Siri app. Its been pulled from the app store so I will delete it after I upgrade.
  9. Panache010

    Siri App?

    Since Siri is now part of the OS, should I just delete the Siri app when I get my 4s?
  10. Panache010

    iPhone 5 Exclusive on Sprint Only?

    Guess the (1) notification on the phone icon means Only 1 Company is getting it.
  11. Panache010

    Worth An Upgrade

    A very late reply but you replied just in time. With Wednesday's announcement of Lion, I decided to wait til next year just in case There is a hardware enhancement needed to will allow lion to run smoother.
  12. Panache010

    Automatic SMS for Missed Call?

    Well that makes sense. That would be a very useful app!
  13. Panache010

    Automatic SMS for Missed Call?

    I've never heard of an app like that. Quick question though. What so significant about sending a SMS to a missed caller? 90% of my missed caller are purposely sent to VM because I do not wanna talk to them.
  14. Panache010

    Worth An Upgrade

    I've been looking on Intel's site and even google but couldn't find a direct answer so I hope you guys can help. I bought a new MBP March this year 15" 2.53 GHz & I was wondering is it really worth upgrading to i5 2.53? I basically do a lot of home use but on occasion I edit home videos of...
  15. Panache010

    switch from windows to Mac

    When I bought my 2nd MBP in March '10, my co workers said they couldn't justify paying $2200 (tax included) for a MBP for a laptop when you could buy a Dell for $599 & blah blah blah the Dell takes you to the same internet. My reply was "why buy a BMW because it takes you to the same Wal Mart"
  16. Panache010

    4.1 proximity sensor blues!

    Mines was fine til I upgraded this morning. They broke my fixed phone.
  17. Panache010

    Shazam just screwed me over!

    I remember when Zam 1st came out, it was rumored that they were gonna start charging for it. Guess this is their way of making ppl pay
  18. Panache010

    Guess who is back

    What bought you home?
  19. Panache010

    Why is Mobile Me $100 a year?

    I love MM. Like the previous poster said, the iDisk feature is awesome. Now time capsule has an update where you can access file from any computer from iDisk
  20. Panache010

    How do you put videos shot on the iPhone 4 onto your Mac?

    to get videos off your phone and onto your MAC, theres an application called Image Capture. Just plug your phone into the MAC & open image capture and save it to your desired location.