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  1. chris5468

    Touching app during download will pause it

    That while you're downloading or updating an app from the app store if you touch the app it will pause it so you can download a different one and so on. Some of you may have already known that but I jst thought it was pretty cool since I found out accidentally.
  2. chris5468

    I Need Help Jailbreaking without using home button

    okay so my friend got the new iPhone and he gave me his old one, but the home button doesn't work at all. I know there is a way to get around this if your iPhone is already jailbroken and its not. I tried to jailbreak it through quickpwn but that didn't work since it required you to hold the...
  3. chris5468

    I have a problem

    Ok so it's a long story but my friend asked to use my iPhone so I let him. And he set a passcode lock on the phone and didn't tell me just to be funny. So I was going over to my cosins house for the weekend and I wouldn't be able to get home until Monday to restore my phone. So I decided to just...
  4. chris5468

    Im thinking of making my iPhone better?

    Well ive been thinking about jailbreaking or unlocking or whatever its called. But I have no idea how to. Plus with the sdk coming out I could wait but I just want to do "cool things" with my iPhone right now. So I guess my problem is when the SDK comes out can I just restore my phones sofware...
  5. chris5468

    Body Worlds

    I was wondering if anyone has seen one of the displays shows or exhibitions because I went to one yesterday and I thought it was cool and weird at the same time. Just wondering to those who went what you thought about it? Sorry if this is too off topic. Oops I just found out there was an of...
  6. chris5468

    I got my iPhone

    I just got my iPhone tonight and so far I am loving it. I mean this is the greatest phone plus Internet device ever. :)
  7. chris5468

    Is it too late to get an iPhone?

    Hello all I was just wondering if you all think it is too late for me to get an iPhone. I am about to get one next week just wondering.