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    SIMple Way to UPGRADE to Firmware 2.1 (Win or MAC + iTunes8)

    wow no one is interested, im surprise
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    SIMple Way to UPGRADE to Firmware 2.1 (Win or MAC + iTunes8)

    I already did this and tested from 4 iPhone classic. For 3G this will work also, just download a custom 2.1 Firmware for 3G and follow the instructions. (for 3G--=> ) 1. DOWNLOAD a customize 2.1 Firmware for iPhone classic here MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery...
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    Forwarding text messages

    SMSD or ISMS is not included on cydia/inataller4 if you are on Firmware 2.0 up...its included in previous version.. FOR FORWARDING MESSAGES and You are on 2.0-2.1 FW install BITESMS from cydia
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    1.1.4 customize

    summerboard is working in 1.1.4 but my cutomize doesn't
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    For YOUR INFO 1.1.3 Unlock and Jailbreak Status 1.1.3 is currently: NOT unlockable by software NOT unlockable by ****SIM NOT jailbreakable as of TODAY
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    Safe Yet To Upgrade Firmware? Have 1.0.2 currently

    1.0.2 we may say is a yesterday FIRMWARE, 1.1.1 is currently the one using by many people outside US. 1.1.2 is a little bit stable now. unlocking is not that 100% although some did it already for a old bootloader. SAFE... YES VERY SAFE for 1.1.1 1.1.2 is also available but not all program are...
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    1.1.1 Unlocked to 1.1.2

    WOW...another lazy person in the forum...even just a simple reading...its there above your post men..and pls learn to search... OK at least this will be your last time to be lazy..I HOPE!
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    Go from Unlocked 1.1.1 to Unlocked 1.1.2

    if your not using ATT sim this is special or your iPhone will not worl as phone. NONSENSE idea! the rest of the people here are not from US/UK so it means we need to unlocked the iPhone because we cannot use it in our carrier! use your brain man
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    SMSd blank?

    just check it out if it has a 0755 permission. im not sure if this program have some conflict in 1.0.2 because im using a 1.1.1
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    EASY WAY to have NEW SMStone for 1.1.1

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    weToolUS v0.3.3

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    EASY WAY to have NEW SMStone for 1.1.1

    1.we need a caf file for the tone... USE ibrickr ---->this will convert your mp3/wav musicfile to .caf and store a copy in your ibricker folder on your computer. 2. in ibrickr---->click sounds/sms alert (received) then add mp3/wav file u want to convert to caf 3. then go to your ibrickr...
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    new sendsong just realeased!

    JUST use the IBRICKR then your problem with ringing tone ends up. No more other program like this.
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    SIMport: SIMcontacts to your iPhone NEW APP (PXL)

    sorry its breezy not ibreeze all pxl repository file... breezy is there on the top of the website
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    SIMport: SIMcontacts to your iPhone NEW APP (PXL)

    ibrickr is for windows ibreeze for mac this is a program u can use to install pxl file .Ibrickr also transcoding some mp3/wavfile into ringtone and to access,upload/erase file in your iPhone . ibrickr have some conflict with 1.1.1 but some manage to use ibrickr in 1.1.1 just take a look at...
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    SIMport: SIMcontacts to your iPhone NEW APP (PXL)

    don't forget to unzip and then install the PXL
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    SIMport: SIMcontacts to your iPhone NEW APP (PXL)

    At LasT! A new program like simtoolkit in windows mobile device. You can now add your contacts from the sim to your iPhone contacts list THIS IS A PXL file. SO just install the attachment in this post using your IBRICKR or IBREEZE
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    Unlock a new 1.1.1 iPhone in 5 minutes on Windows

    whythe iTunes 7.3 is very friendly to my iPhone 1.0.2 jailbroken/unlocked? if i tried a new iTunes, it will not recognized my phone... did anyone use a new one? with 1.0.2?
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    cannot use ibrickr with v 1.1.1

    im not sure if the same default password can be use in1.1.1 login=root pword=dottie
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    Listening MUSIC through your ordinary BLUETOOTH DEVICES

    sorry i cant get u your not using phone? hello? elaborate pls