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    3.0 Beta, 02 UK and MMS

    Ok, to get your MMS working, you need to do the carrier hack which unlocks the teathering option... this seems to also let the MMS feature work... you can send, but not receive... so give O2 a call, explain that you're a dev working on the new firmware and they will remove the MMS block! I've...
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    True 1.1.3 Jailbreak released (ZiPhone)!

    ZiPhone has been released... its the first true jailbreak that works with all firmwares including 1.1.3, any baseband, any bootloader... Simply download the program, run from windows command prompt (the mac version doesn't work too well) and run 'ziPhone -j -a' to Jailbreak and Activate -...
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    DemoApp - What does it do?

    Everytime I try to run the Demo App I just get a black screen... I've tried using iFantastic to put the app on the springboard and I've also used MobileFinder to run it... each attempt results in a black sreen! Am I missing something here... ?
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    Can I un-jailbreak my iPhone?

    Can someone explain this to me... if I jailbreak my iPhone, do I have to un-jailbreak it afterwards or can the iPhone live happily out of jail? Stew :gasp: