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  1. Xtgirl

    want to pull the trigger.. but...

    Did you uncheck--activate phone....that may be why the bootloader is checking activate phone you are essentially saying you need to unlock it for another network.....
  2. Xtgirl

    Recently purchased iPhone 16GB 3GS dead?

    Have you tried holding down home and power for a very long time.... or tried doing that while plugged into your computer so it will do a restore? Mine did this and the AT+T store was able to get it back by following this procedure, but it took some effort...
  3. Xtgirl

    Craigslist scam

    When I was selling my iPhone on craigslist, most of the emails were either scammers or low ballers....I just waited it out, till I got a normal sounding email from someone who met me in person at a mall and it worked out great. You can get seriously scammed on paypal too...just cause money...
  4. Xtgirl

    Official 3.0 Beta bug list

    OK here is mine.... Facebook pics not displaying:( many have reported this.. I can't type the letter x in the facebook app or Notes....kind of annoying bug...haven't checked all programs.. Group SMS seems to send as group MMS and doesn't go through...reported before Battery life has been...
  5. Xtgirl

    got iPhone on Craigslist, questions

    It can be activated even if it is stolen easily on iTunes(lost mine and heard all the crappy stories how anyone could use my phone)...but since you activated it at an Apple Store...a stolen phone would have had the IMEI number reported stolen and I would think that there would be less chance...
  6. Xtgirl

    Inauguration Impacts on AT&T Network

    Its like mass panic around here...."the number of buses will stretch around the entire Beltway!"....say in a high pitched panicky voice.... Our work place told us to buy food+gas by Friday. Be prepared to abandon your car:) We even had a text notification to see if they could use that to get...
  7. Xtgirl

    Newbie help unlocking

    Not can have 2.2 and have the 2.2 fact you need it, in order to unlock... I'd prly restore the phone to factory(and upgrade to 2.2..don't have to worry about saving your baseband anymore)...which will bring you up to 2.2 and then jailbreak the phone again...then...
  8. Xtgirl

    Where can I find Yellowsnow to jailbreak my iPhone?

    You have to jailbreak first to get Cydia on your phone...then use yellowsnow to unlock it to use on another network. You can jailbreak using quickpwn or pwnage....
  9. Xtgirl

    Got a 3G free - What to do with it?

    I watched the video. I am still thinking that if you updated to 2.2 without keeping your baseband from upgrading that it will not work. I didn't see anything on the video that mentioned that baseband at all, but they have been warning us not to update the baseband for a while now.... If you...
  10. Xtgirl

    List of WinterBoard themes?

    I'll just give you two of my favorites...picnic and glass orb
  11. Xtgirl

    iPhone Stolen

    I honestly don't think At+T will block the IMEI...from what I have heard...a person who "finds" an iPhone can just activate it on their own account and go merrily on their way....apparently AT+T doesn't really want to help get your phone back....which kind of sucks...
  12. Xtgirl

    Visual Voicemail password

    You can also go online your wireless account and there is a button to reset your voicemail password.... That should fix the sends a text to your phone with temp password.
  13. Xtgirl

    Enable Emoji

    Well, I'm an idiot....I sent people posts that said things like... Look what I can do....and then put in a bunch of emoji. They are all on 2.1:( I thought all iPhones could see it...poop..I'm a loser
  14. Xtgirl

    Why won't AT&T let me get an iPhone?

    I would think that you really shouldn't even have an issue having to fight if you have your wife upgrade her phone to a 3G....we were all supposed to be able to do that..... So, have her upgrade and then call AT+T and have the swap numbers for someone said above... Now the...
  15. Xtgirl

    Is there any way that Apple can tell an iPhone has been JailBroken?

    What is that that a jailbroken phone hooked up to Apple software diagnostics? after a restore? Where did you get that? Thanks...
  16. Xtgirl

    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    1. Facebook 2.Winterboard(JB) 3. Cycorder (JB) 4. Beejive 5. Google with Voice Search 6. NBC DC Traffic Cam 7. Muddled 8. SBSettings(JB) 9. Shipments 10.iShape
  17. Xtgirl

    What are the lost iPhone full retail prices?

    No, full retail is actually 100 dollars more....the 399/499 price extends your contract from the day you buy the new phone... I lost mine and had to pay 499 for a new one...luckily someone returned it the next day:)
  18. Xtgirl

    Last App Downloaded!

    I downloaded VoiceDialer works well.
  19. Xtgirl

    New Apple store you think it can detect previous jailbreaks?

    So over on HoFo, they are reporting that the Apple store has new software that helps detect issues with the iPhone so they don't blindly replace phones based on complaints of battery issues and dropped call can apparently analyze past a you think there is a way they...
  20. Xtgirl

    So, Do you still think JB'ing is worth it?

    I have a 3G 16gb jailbroken using Pwnage. The thing that freaks me out is the long boot times...I keep thinking it isn't going to pull out of the boot takes THAT long. Winterboard obviously slows the phone down a bunch...sms, calendar, maps all have longer load times. I guess...