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  1. PapaST

    Flashlight App possible malware

    I did a search and didn't see this covered. There appears to be some reports of certain flashlight apps that may contain "info stealing" malware. I don't know the validity of the reports but did say this claim was part false and part true. Since the iPhone has it's own flashlight...
  2. PapaST

    What's your employer's policy on company WiFi?

    I was curious what most smartphone user's employers had for a company wifi policy. Do they allow anyone to use it? Do they restrict it to certain employees? Or is it strictly off limits to employees? With so many people with smartdevices, I can imagine that they are starting to put a crunch...
  3. PapaST

    iPhone pic snags cover of Time Magazine

    Interesting to see a cell phone pic landing on the cover of Time for a catastrophe like Sandy.
  4. PapaST

    iPad Character display issue

    Hey guys, I've tried searching for an issue like this but have not been able to find a solution. In some emails some of the text have a displaying issue. Only half of the character is visible. I'm attaching a photo of the issue. Scrolling up and down does not fix the display issue so I tend...
  5. PapaST

    Lightning USB cord stuck in USB port

    Some heavy tugging and still can't pull out the Lightning USB cable from a Dell laptop. I figured something was up so I searched and found others complaining of the same thing: If the...
  6. PapaST

    Pre-orders: AT&T 68%, Verizon 24% and Sprint 8%

    I thought the pre-order break-down was interesting amongst phone carriers. I didn't think AT&T would grab such a huge share, esp. if you consider last year's 4S results: AT&T 48%, Verizon 35% and Sprint 17%.
  7. PapaST

    Looks like AT&T will keep unlimited data for IP5 users

    It appears, those that are grandfathered in on AT&T's unlimited data can keep it going forward with the iPhone 5. But doesn't look that way for Verizon.
  8. PapaST

    Anyone upgrading to Lion right away?

    I've been a windows guy for a long time and recently got my first MBP earlier this year. I like what I see in Lion and will upgrade. I was just wondering, from the seasoned Mac people... is it customary to upgrade right away? I know with windows it was fairly wise to let the latest release...
  9. PapaST

    more bench scores for the new MacBookPro

    I just installed the 8GB Crucial RAM upgrade and a 750GB HD 7200rpm and ran more benchmark scores. I know these numbers don't mean much to some, but I figured some people might find it interesting. Incidentally, I have my MBP dual booting to Windows 7 and the "User Experience" score for it is a...
  10. PapaST

    2011 MacBook Pro wireless, memory, notes

    Just got my new 2011 MacBook Pro today. I just purchased one mid-January and Apple was good enough to exchange that one for the 2011 MBP. I read somewhere that there was an additional wireless antennae (a fourth one) built into the new one. When I brought up my new MBP via TimeMachine, right...
  11. PapaST

    MacBook Pro 4GB to 8GB Crucial upgrade

    The Crucial 8GB upgrade, as most have pointed out, is easy as pie. At $100, I think it's well worth the cost. I included the before and after benchmark tests but I don't think this really tests performance of RAM increase just the speed of the RAM.
  12. PapaST

    FYI on BestSkinsEver for iPhone 4

    Just got my BestSkinsEver cover for my iPhone 4 in the mail today. I usually use them because they are inexpensive (since I'll only have my phone for a year). I've always had great experiences with them. I've used Zagg and Bodyguardz as well in the past. Anyways, the BSE skin doesn't have a...
  13. PapaST

    what am i missing here?

    A person is selling an iPhone 4 16GB. He sells it as a pre-order and ships to U.S. Of course he says it delivers upon release which is the 24th. So the bidding is about $630.00 right now with 30 minutes to go. What am I missing... why are people trying to buy this...
  14. PapaST

    old phone usability

    Picked up my new 32GB 3GS today...woohoo... Question about my old 3G phone. If I had friends that wanted to try it out and they had an ATT account (using a BlackJack or BB), could they just swap their sim card out with my phone and use it or is there something else they need to do in order...
  15. PapaST

    Where's the best place to buy 3GS?

    I remember when I bought my v1 and 3G it seemed smarter to buy at Apple store instead of ATT in case there were issues with your phone (easier to return). Now we have Apple store, ATT store, online, BestBuy? and Walmart? Is Apple store still the best place to buy the 3GS in case there are...
  16. PapaST

    posting notes about warrantied battery

    I was getting about 2.5 hours of standby time on my 10 month old 3G. With an appt. I took it in to a Tech. He checked for water damage, hooked it up to a MacBook and "ran some tests". Afterwards he unpackaged a shiney new "refurb" and sent me on my way. Great process, took all of 20...
  17. PapaST

    how many email accounts are you checking?

    I've had my 3G for less than a year (11 months) and today the battery has gone dead twice. I'm not using it any differently than I have been. Normally in a single day my battery will get down to half the charge on what I consider a high usage day, so going dead twice today is sending up flags...
  18. PapaST

    Remote wipe iPhone, anything out there?

    Hey guys, I did a quick google and forum search but didn't come across anything substantial. Do you know if there's an app out there that can remotely wipe your iPhone in case it is stolen?
  19. PapaST

    3 click headphone mic

    Sorry if this is common knowledge or if it's a repost. I always understood that 1 click pauses/un-pauses the music and 2 clicks advances to the next song. But I didn't know that 3 clicks goes back to the beginning of a song/previous song. Pretty nifty.
  20. PapaST

    iPhone and cold weather limits

    I plan to go hiking in some cold weather. I know that some electronics like cameras and batteries have issues with colder weather. Is anyone aware of cold weather limits for the iPhone?