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  1. flightmedic

    AppleCare+ question

    Quick question about apple care. If I purchase apple care today is there a waiting period before I use it? And is there is a way that they can tell how long a screen has been damaged when they look at it in the store? Thanks. Jim
  2. flightmedic

    Missing tracks

    I moved my iTunes over from my MacBook Pro to a Windows laptop. I keep most of my unpurchased music in a separate folder outside of the user/music/iTunes folder. I tried loading my playlists into iTunes and it comes up "4 tracks could not be loaded because they could not be found" or words to...
  3. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    I recently had to restore my iPhone 6+. I also moved my iTunes library back to my MBP from my windows machine. Now none of my purchased music is syncing to my phone. I've tried restoring again, toggling iTunes Match on and off and signing out and back into my iTunes account. I cleared all...
  4. flightmedic

    iPhone 6 to iPhone 6+

    I am selling my iPhone six and getting a 6+. Can I apply my iPhone six back up to the 6+? Thanks in advance.
  5. flightmedic

    Restore From Backup

    I searched the forums but couldn't find anything on this. Can I restore from an iOS 7 backup safely? I know it's recommended that I start fresh, but I'm really like my imessage conversations and pictures to transfer. Thanks.
  6. flightmedic

    Keep JB on 7.1.2 or update to iOS 8

    I have a dev account and have thought about updating. Just wanted to know anyone's thoughts who had a JB on iOS 7 and then upgraded to the iOS 8 beta. Do you think it's worth it? Did you downgrade to re-jailbreak you device? Just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts on it were. Jim
  7. flightmedic

    Migrating from Outlook365 to iCloud

    OK. My company transitioned to Outlook365. We cannot use Outlook or the desktop app. We only use the web app. Does anyone know of a way to migrate my contacts and calendar events to iCloud. I'd be happy to migrate it to GMail even. Thanks. Jim
  8. flightmedic

    Semi Restore on 7.0.4

    I've read mixed reviews on Semi-Restore for iOS7. Anyone have personal experience with it? I need to get rid of 20 GB of "other data" and want to keep my JB. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  9. flightmedic

    Deleted Music Now "Other Data" at 20 GB

    OK. I went to add a few songs to a few playlists and half of my music was deleted off my phone (shows on phone but grayed out). I unticked "sync music" and was going to re ad all of my playlists but now after deleting all of my playlists, my "other data" is stuck at 20 GB. I've tried hard...
  10. flightmedic

    Rip DVD to .iso

    I searched with no success. I have a work DVD that I want to copy from the disc to the hard drive. That way the file is an .iso file that I can open up via the DVD player. Is there a way I can do this?
  11. flightmedic

    Forgot iPhone 5c password

    I searched but could not find anything on this. My daughter forgot the password to her iPhone 5c. It is now disabled. There is conflicting information on the web about this. What is the best way to recover the password, or reset the phone? Thanks in advance.
  12. flightmedic

    Recently Update Mavericks still showing "available"

    OK. I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro 13". I had several several updates available in the App Store, including iMovie, iPhoto and OS X Mavericks. I updated them all. Now, it still shows Mavericks and iMovie as available updates, when I just dozwnloaded and installed the updates...I...
  13. flightmedic

    Which MacBook Pro to get

    I'm getting a MacBook Pro on Saturday and want some advice on which one to get. I have a choice between an i5 dual core processor and 750gb of storage or i7 dual core and 512gb of SSD storage. The i7 and SSD is $400 more is it worth it? I'll mainly be using office apps iTunes and some video...
  14. flightmedic

    Trying to find Cydia app

    Got a stupid question. I had a Cydia app before where I could see my tweaks and Cydia apps when I opened up iTunes. It's been a while since I had it and can't seem to find or recall the name of it. Anyone know what this is? Thanks, Jim
  15. flightmedic

    Random persistent app crashes

    Anyone else experiencing random app crashes? It's been happening a lot more lately. Every time I open bitesms it's crashing. Today chrome crashed 5 times in a row. I don't have many tweaks installed but its quite annoying. Anyone have word on any unstable apps? I tried page preview and it put...
  16. flightmedic

    Odd Cydia Issue with Evasi0n

    Been JB since day 1, just saw this error today. Not sure what it means or how to fix it. My package list is gone and settings/packages is empty as well, so I can't delete or modify any packages. Also running Evasi0n on my iPad 3 with no problems. Thanks in advance.
  17. flightmedic

    Photo stream question

    Ok. I have my iPhone and iPad updated to iOS6. My phone has 1000 pics in its photo stream. They are not in the photo album and won't download to my desktop stream. How can I get those pics to download to the desktop stream app or reshared to my iPad. Thanks. Jim
  18. flightmedic

    iPhone 4S with cracked screen

    Can I still have the screen replaced for a fee at the Apple store without Apple care? My son cracked his screen when he dropped it last night.
  19. flightmedic

    New iPhone With Network Issues?

    Got my new iPhone 5 yesterday. Inspected it, looked pristine. Good on them. Had a little issue with wifi but a hard reset fixed that. Phew, was worried about that after reading about that issue online. But driving home from work this morning, i noticed that I was getting EDGE or was roaming on...
  20. flightmedic

    Weird Pop-Up when iTunes opens up

    OK. I transferred my library to a new laptop running Windows 7. Everything is the same. the phone and iPod sync fine. But 2 problems that have me perplexed. 1) I get a popup message (see attachment) that I don't know how to fix. I've transferred purchases, backed up and synced. Still I get the...