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  1. radack1155

    Purchased iPhone 4S on Craigslist, just found out the IMEI is blocked

    I purchased a 4S on CL today for my mom, I get home and put my SIM into it to test it. Low and behold, the IMEI was blocked. My line got temporarily shut down, my SIM wouldn't even work in my phone. Couldn't call/ text or use the internet. I had to chat with AT&T to get everything worked back...
  2. radack1155

    iPhone IMEI unlock on eBay?

    If you search "iPhone 4S factory unlock" on eBay, there are many sellers selling a factory unlock service. Many of them have tons of purchases with happy clients. How are they able to do this?! Just curious, it seems that only Apple or ATT should be able to IMEI factory unlock.
  3. radack1155

    So when do you guys thing the iPhone 5 will be released?

    Looking for your opinions on when you think Apple will release the iPhone 5. Will they go with a traditional summer release or follow suit with the iPhone 4S and go with a fall release?
  4. radack1155

    iPhone 4S eligibility, really?

    I pre-ordered my iPhone 4 last July. I was expecting to be able to use my upgrade for the iPhone 4S preorder just as I did when I purchases the 3G, 3GS and the 4. Every time year I've bought the new iPhone and every year I've been able to buy the phone at the upgrade price. Apparently not...
  5. radack1155

    How are the caseless iPhone 4's holding up?

    I have an invisible shield on the screen, but nothing on the back. I'm waiting to grab the Speck Candyshell. I only have one scratch, and that happened within the first hour of me having my phone (which made me very mad because I was SO careful with it!). How are your phones holding up? Just...
  6. radack1155

    Invisible Shield is AWESOME

    Just wanted to make a suggestion to you guys, if you want to get a screen protector, grab the Invisible Shield at Best Buy. It was $20 plus I paid them $7 for installation which was well worth it. I was afraid it would take away from the screen clarity but it didn't one bit. I compared it to...
  7. radack1155

    Preorder charge on my debit card gone!

    When I preordered my phone on there was a charge of $320 within an hour. Just looked today and it's gone! Interesting. My order on the Apple website still looks good though, still supposed to be delivered on the 24th.
  8. radack1155

    Buying a T-Mobile Prepaid Phone to check for unlock

    Do T-Mobile prepaids use SIM cards? I want to check to see if the unlock is working on my 3GS before I sell it. Also I want to use pictures on my eBay auction with the T-Mobile logo on the carrier bar to show it is unlocked. Has anybody done this before? Is this the easiest/ cheapest option?
  9. radack1155

    Who's getting Apple Care?

    $70? Whew. I figure that there'll be another new iPhone next year, so the one year of tech support is good with me! What about you guys?
  10. radack1155

    4.0 3GS Unlock?

    You guys think there will be an unlock soon after 4.0 is released?
  11. radack1155

    Is anyone using 4.0 jailbroken?

    I'm curious to hear how it is. The 4.0 beta is buggy enough. Are the normal jailbreak functions working like Winterboard and SB Settings?
  12. radack1155

    When do you think 4.0 Beta 2 will be released?

    I was late to the 3.0 beta party so I'm unaware how often Apple releases new betas.
  13. radack1155

    Apps Crashing!

    Anybody having trouble with apps crashing on the 4.0 beta? It's starting to get frustrating...
  14. radack1155

    Two 4.0 questions I have...

    Is there anyway to fix an app adding to the multitasking bar anytime you open it? It's sort of a pain constantly deleting apps from multitasking bar. Also, did anyone have any issues with their Camera Roll when restoring to 4.0? None of my pictures transferred over when I restored my backup...
  15. radack1155

    My Battery has been BAD since JB!

    Any suggestions? Brightness is down, wifi off when I'm not using it. I think I just might do a restore. Is it okay to restore from backup or do I need to setup as a new iPhone? If I do set up as new, is there a way to backup all of my App store apps (like data and stuff)? This time ill try...
  16. radack1155

    Changing SB Wallpaper/ Dock via SSH

    I'd like to know about changing SB Wallpaper and dock via SSH. Is it possible? If so where do I navigate to? Thanks for your help.
  17. radack1155

    Purplera1n for Mac?

    Anybody know when it's supposed to be released?
  18. radack1155

    How to Capture Your iPhone 3GS iBEC and iBSS on Mac I guess these files are sort of like the purplera1n file. I'd make sure you do just in case if you want to JB your 3GS.
  19. radack1155

    A Warning/ Temporary Solution from the Dev Team

    From their website-- your 3GS temporary solution ;-) Remember we warned you to stay away from any updates to 3.1 if you want to be able to jailbreak or unlock your 3GS. Well this is an additional message to all you 3GS owners that would like to jailbreak...
  20. radack1155

    Just eBayed my unlocked 3G for $400! Pretty excited. I gave you guys the link so yall could have an example of a 3G listing in case any of you were interested in selling yours on eBay.