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  1. flightmedic

    AppleCare+ question

    Quick question about apple care. If I purchase apple care today is there a waiting period before I use it? And is there is a way that they can tell how long a screen has been damaged when they look at it in the store? Thanks. Jim
  2. flightmedic

    X preorder thread

    My estimated ship date from AT&T was December 4-11. I just got shipping confirmation and it will be here tomorrow. That was a pleasant surprise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. flightmedic

    X preorder thread

    Ordered two, one for me and one for wife, from ATT on ATT Next. It's expected to ship between December 2-18.
  4. flightmedic

    Missing tracks

    I moved my iTunes over from my MacBook Pro to a Windows laptop. I keep most of my unpurchased music in a separate folder outside of the user/music/iTunes folder. I tried loading my playlists into iTunes and it comes up "4 tracks could not be loaded because they could not be found" or words to...
  5. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    This is the frustrating part. As you can see, my music list still shows songs on my phone. But the status bar on the bottom shows my music app is empty. On my phone the music app is empty as well. Jim
  6. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    Downloading them to the device populates them into the playlist. I'll check about syncing them to the computer in a bit. I'm syncing my ipad right now. Thanks, Europa.
  7. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    OK....This is my iPhone ONLY....My iPad Mini 2 is able to sync all said purchases just fine.
  8. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    I will have to call Apple then. Some of these purchases are from as far back as 2009. Strange thing, when I moved it over to the windows machine last year I did not have this problem.
  9. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    Yes. I've done that twice. What's odd, if when "show all music" is toggled off, and I go into the music app, it is empty. When I toggle it on, it shows the songs are already on the iPhone. BUT, they are not playable. And they are not deletable. There is also no change in disk usage/storage. Jim
  10. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    I have not set up as new. I don't want to lose my text messages. But I will try. On that note is there a way to restore text messages outside of iTunes backup?
  11. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    Yes I did. And it's the same thing. When I moved it over to the MacBook I re synced my phone. I deleted all music and then resynced. Still nothing. What's odd is the music I purchased tonight synced fine. It's only the music I moved over from the windows machine
  12. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    Those sync fine. All my non purchased music syncs fine. What's odd is I purchased an album tonight to see if it would sync. It synced fine to my iPhone. It is only purchased music that I moved from my windows machine.
  13. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    All of my music is in the correct folder. The computer is authorized. The music shows up in my playlist what is grade out and it will not sync.
  14. flightmedic

    Music Sync Issue on iOS 8.1.2

    I recently had to restore my iPhone 6+. I also moved my iTunes library back to my MBP from my windows machine. Now none of my purchased music is syncing to my phone. I've tried restoring again, toggling iTunes Match on and off and signing out and back into my iTunes account. I cleared all...
  15. flightmedic

    iPhone 6 to iPhone 6+

    I am selling my iPhone six and getting a 6+. Can I apply my iPhone six back up to the 6+? Thanks in advance.
  16. flightmedic

    Discussions about iOS 8.1+ betas

    Purchased music isn't syncing on 8.1 beta 1. All my other music syncs over except for iTunes purchased music.
  17. flightmedic

    Bluetooth in car

    I have 2014 Chevy Silverado. It pairs fine, plays music fine and answers calls fine. But when I hang up the phone, it does not start playing music again. I have to completely delete the phone and re-add it. I have a iPhone 6. Jim
  18. flightmedic

    Restore From Backup

    I searched the forums but couldn't find anything on this. Can I restore from an iOS 7 backup safely? I know it's recommended that I start fresh, but I'm really like my imessage conversations and pictures to transfer. Thanks.
  19. flightmedic

    iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    I'm at the AT&T store now and just held the iPhone 6 Plus. Way too big. And lucky for my they have 128 GB iPhone 6s available! So win for me!
  20. flightmedic

    Difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

    The only thing keeping me from my final decision is if I want the upgrade for OIS. I'm not quite sure its worth the wait or the extra cash. In all likelihood if they have a 128GB i6 in stock in my podunk AT&T store, I'm going to get it and not get the i6+. Jim