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    SIMple Way to UPGRADE to Firmware 2.1 (Win or MAC + iTunes8)

    I already did this and tested from 4 iPhone classic. For 3G this will work also, just download a custom 2.1 Firmware for 3G and follow the instructions. (for 3G--=> ) 1. DOWNLOAD a customize 2.1 Firmware for iPhone classic here MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery...
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    EASY WAY to have NEW SMStone for 1.1.1

    1.we need a caf file for the tone... USE ibrickr ---->this will convert your mp3/wav musicfile to .caf and store a copy in your ibricker folder on your computer. 2. in ibrickr---->click sounds/sms alert (received) then add mp3/wav file u want to convert to caf 3. then go to your ibrickr...
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    SIMport: SIMcontacts to your iPhone NEW APP (PXL)

    At LasT! A new program like simtoolkit in windows mobile device. You can now add your contacts from the sim to your iPhone contacts list THIS IS A PXL file. SO just install the attachment in this post using your IBRICKR or IBREEZE
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    Listening MUSIC through your ordinary BLUETOOTH DEVICES

    iPhone 8GB Unlocked using 1.1.1 Nokia BH-503 / JABRA 150 Also working with 1.0.2 Method: Pair your headset, make a test call to see if it works. End the call normally. Dial *#307#, press call. Press the answer button twice with 2 seconds delay in your bluetooth headset (If you don't do this...
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    iSwitcher BACKGROUND PROBLEM..need help

    im using iswitcher program to change themes of my iPhone. YET ONLY THE ICONS & DOCKS changing. WHY I CANT CHANGE THE BACKGROUND THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE THEME? can someone enlighten me
  6. T not working in1.1.2

    Well, looks like tomorrow has come sooner than we thought. In tune with the European time difference, Apple has released firmware version 1.1.2 for the iPhone. While not showing up as an update in iTunes just yet, you can download the 160MB file here and do a manual update via iTunes’ firmware...
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    is there any posibility to change info name in iTunes/about of our iPhone?
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    contacts from iPhone to outl;ook?

    i successfuly sync my contact from my outlook. Now i would like to update my outlook contacts. i added new contacts in my iPhone and i want to put it on my outlook..SYNC W/ iTunes? im afraid i will erase the new contacts on my iPhone and the old files of contact will put on my iPhone, am i wrong?
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    ZIP file how to install

    i saw some program for iPhone as zip file. How to install them? i only know pxl file for installing program.
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    How to Change ALERT TONES in NEW MESSAGE for 1.0.2

    is there any chance to change text alert tone for an iPhone w/ 1.0.2 firmware, because in new firmware it is just in setting but how about us who cannot upgrade with this firmware?
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    Chess Game for iPhone?

    I want to install a chess game for iPhone. I don't like any online chess game. Im not always connected in my inet. please tell me if u know a chess game that can be installed to my iPhone. i got good games aside from NES games like sudoko & tictactoe. downloaded through PXL depository site. but...
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    half of the screen is working but the other half NO TOUCH CAPABILITY

    This is the thing happened to one iPhone of my friend. the halfscreen of his iPhone have the touch capability, the other half is not working anymore. hardware issue? or we can resolve in simple way? please help
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    Ive got to bought an UNLOCKED iPhone TO SOMEONE. 1.02 firmware. during that time I got a SIGNAL on my GSM carrier (here in UAE) everything is fine my IBRICKR v.91 is working good also..everything is working. i bought this with program ANYSIM1.1.1 in the package w/c i never touch because i know its...
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    best software to add pics & music? better than iTunes

    i just got my new iPhone. but im reading a lot in the forum before i buy it. i also got my iPhone unlocked/anysim and now im using the 1.0.2 firmware. the only other prog im using now is ibrickr for my ringtone,im not yet so familiar with ibrickr. (im using windows XP on desktop & laptop) through...