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  1. mrbunglez

    Got my iPhone 5C for free!

    So they had a deal for the 16gb iPhone 5C at Target for $50 and if you were upgrading or starting a new contract they gave a $50 Target gift card. I also used my Target debit card for an extra 5% off and got it down to $47.99, so it was like they were paying ME the remaining $2 bucks to get it...
  2. mrbunglez

    T-mobile nanoSIM card works perfectly in both gen AT&T iPad minis!

    T-Mobile nanosim cards work great in these AT&T minis. It's only 200 mbs but it's a just in case type of thing, and who doesn't like free? Working perfectly in 1st gen AT&T iPad mini and 2nd gen AT&T iPad rMini. Just imagine if the mbs rolled over, I'd have a gig in 5 months. Hah! Too bad it...
  3. mrbunglez

    iPad mini LifeProof Frē case with LifeProof Smart Cover

    So I just picked up his case at best buy and really dig the form factor of this case. It's slim and light and doesn't take away the sleekness of the iPad mini. I've owned a lot of LifeProof cases for my phone and my iPad and they've all been nothing but awesome products ImO. I also got the Smart...
  4. mrbunglez

    Otterbox has acquired LifeProof

    Otterbox has acquired LifeProof so now they join forces to create an awesome case. 2 great case companies working together like Reese's peanut butter cups, Oreo, etc....... Can't wait to see the awesome products they come out with.
  5. mrbunglez

    Incipio Atlas iPhone 5

    Hey Chris what's your take on this case since you saw it up close n personal, Vs. the LifeProof case. The glass screen piques my interest and the fact they cover the phone for damage if effed up and an app to register it.
  6. mrbunglez

    LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 case!

    I know theres another lifeproof thread that i created on here, but i think this deserves a thread of its own. This case is awesome and they finally added a much needed lanyard attachment point on the bottom left of the case near the headphone port. Will post more pics soon and a full run down...
  7. mrbunglez

    What case did you get for your mini?

    Here's mine and the wife's! That is until LifeProof comes out with one.
  8. mrbunglez

    Which case for the iPad mini?

    Which of these 2 cases would you get for your iPad mini? You choose left or right and why? Or any other suggestions.
  9. mrbunglez

    Which to get iPad mini 32gb or 64gb?

    I'm really debating on the two I know I'm definitely getting the wifi/LTE one but I dunno if I should just pony up the extra $100 for the 64gb or save that $100 for a case.
  10. mrbunglez

    Speck Toughshell case for iPhone 4 finally out A little late to the party..... but if you're looking for a case for protection and don't like the otterbox, lifeproof or one of those other protection cases check this one out.
  11. mrbunglez

    Sgp ultra optic

    I just ordered this screen shield they say it's anti fingerprint and won't mess with the retina display.I'll be the judge of that. Check it out here:
  12. mrbunglez

    Lifeproof case

    Check out the Lifeproof case. They say it's waterproof. I pre ordered it, they say it comes out April 2011. Looks better than the Otterbox and slimmer even though I still love my commuter this case might be the end all and do all for me.
  13. mrbunglez


    This app works great. It streams vids and music right to your phone or iPad. You can also download them to your phone or iPad it automatically converts them. Just thought I'd share this info to everyone.
  14. mrbunglez

    Downloading app makes other apps appear

    Anyone else have this problem? Whenever I download a new app my demo, field test and other white blank apps appear. I have no idea why. How do I stop it from doing that?
  15. mrbunglez

    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    This case looks like the Apple bumper with some nice colors. SGP is coming out with some rad cases. I probably would have got this one instead if I didn't pre order the ultra slider one. Check it out here:
  16. mrbunglez

    SGP ultra slider case (gun metal)

    I just saw on their website that its available for pre order to the first 500 customers. I already placed my order, the ETA for delivery says september 10th. Just throwing this out to all those who are waiting for it.
  17. mrbunglez

    mytouchkeys screen film

    Check this screen cover out its supposed to make it easier to use the keys. Id buy it but i have an otterbox defender case on I wouldn't be able to use it.
  18. mrbunglez


    Anyone have this case? Looks interesting i think im gunna order them just to see what theyre like.
  19. mrbunglez

    Paint your iPhone

    I just stumbled upon this site and was wondering if any of you have done this to your iPhone. Looks pretty cool but a bit expensive. Check it out here.
  20. mrbunglez

    Otterbox defender case

    I just bought this case and im waiting for it to come in. Hopefully i get it by the end of this week. What do you all think?