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    Kensington LiquidAUX: Bluetooth Version (Bluetooth music streaming?)

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble determining if the Kensington Bluetooth Car Kit uses bluetooth to stream music from the iPhone to the charger. When I say charger in this post, i mean the Kensington piece that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter outlet. I have an aux-in port in my car...
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    I'm also looking forward to louder speaker phone and earpiece volume, but I'm curious about how the auto brightness is intended to work. Is it supposed to be immediate? Does the change only occur after you wake iPhone, and not really work on the fly? Why doesn't the brightness slider in...
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    "Super caller ID?"

    "In this example, the phone number displayed is a Nextel cell phone from the Ventura, CA area, and the iPhone came back with the number being from the “Northern Los Angeles Area.” We also did a few other tests and the iPhone was extremely accurate with cell phone and landline numbers from around...
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    "Super caller ID?"

    Mine doesn't do this? I don't know why... ? This works for EVERY missed call you guys have in your list?
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    Fully charged indicator?

    It's in the VERY top right corner of the LCD (when held in Portrait mode, ie, not widescreen)'s always there. It's the picture of the battery. When that picture has a lightning bolt in the middle, it's charging, and when it has a picture of a plug in the middle, it's fully charged.
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    Apple mail syncing

    the lack of integration with is one of the biggest surprises, for me, on the iPhone.
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    How many Moto Razr's Sold at Launch?

    ...Which is why it'd be fun to compare! :)
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    How many Moto Razr's Sold at Launch?

    Undoubtedly, Apple will release numbers for the iPhone launch soon. I'm just curious if anyone has hard numbers on other popular consumer devices sold at launch. I could only find numbers for Wii, PS3, and xbox...none come even close to the projections from analysts for the half million...
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    From (enter device) to iPhone - Switchers!

    Motorola E815 (Verizon), Canon PowerShot S230, iPod Nano (1G) ---> iPhone
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    Headfone Jack Adaptor?

    I have this one and it is indeed very ugly.
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    Can Anyone Send Mail from iPhone w/ Yahoo Account?

    I have Yahoo set up. Push works great, i get it instantly (1-2 seconds of the msg being sent). However, when I send mail from the iPhone through Yahoo, it doesn't work! It never gets received at the destination, and doesn't show up in the Sent folder on the webmail for Yahoo or the iPhone...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    This would easily be fixed by a firmware upgrade. If you notice, playing songs at max volume through the same speaker that the speakerphone works out of is MUCH louder than the speaker phone -- clearly the hardware is capable of it.
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    So..they upgraded EDGE? Coulda Suprised Me...

    140 kbit/sec, suburbs of NYC, 5 bars
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    Solution for Gmail sent mail showing up in your inbox.

    This has not been my experience. My iPhone and my Mail client (MacOS X Mail) download every message from ALL MAIL in gmail even if they have been read already, and even if they are never in the inbox. It would only work, for me, if I trashed every email from myself. I don't want to do that...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Apparently he's 12 feet tall ;)
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    Anyone get push Yahoo mail working?

    Anyone know if you can set up Yahoo Mail on a mail client, such as Outlook for Windows or MacOS X Mail application? Do they let you do this?
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    Anyone else a little preturbed with the speaker phone volume?

    Same here. For speaker phone situations, it's way too low. I'm 23, no need for hearing aids just yet, but i've noticed it's definitely low. The earpiece volume is ok in quiet places, but if you are in a crowded room or there is music playing, you cannot hear it.
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    push Yahoo mail?

    This sounds good -- I'll switch over to a Yahoo address and have IMAP for it. However, do they not let you access Yahoo Mail via an external client (other than iPhone) such as the Mail application in MacOS X or Outlook on windows, without an extra fee? I cannot find information on how to set...
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    It's fine in quiet environments...I was in a bar last night and even without music blaring, with just a lot of people talking around you, it is very hard to hear.
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Ditto. Speaker phone is wayyy too low. And the Earpiece volume is good, except in semi-loud environments. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will give the volume a small boost.