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    music videos no video in Music app?

    On iOS 4.x, playing a music video within the "Music" app would launch the video player. In iOS5, it just plays within the Music app, with no video. Any way to fix this?
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    jpg viewer for iPad?

    I want to view libraries of jpg files from my computer and NAS without actually loading them onto my iPad. This would be at home over my local WiFi network. Is there an app that can remotely view jpg files on the iPad? I am looking for something like Air Video, but for jpg files. Thanks in advance!
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    1GB less free space on iPhone 4 vs 3GS?

    I just brought home my shiny new iPhone 4 & sync'd it for the 1st time. Using the exact same settings, my 3GS had 2.68GB free, while my iPhone 4 shows only 1.68GB free. What gives? Also, I have no videos sync'd so it cannot be hi-def videos instead of lo-def.
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    emoji to Android?

    I have an iPhone, and my g/f is thinking of getting the Droid (she is stuck on Verizon). Can Android 2.0 devices receive emoji messages? Anyone with any experience with this? I read somewhere that Google had included emoji in Android 2.0. Can anyone confirm?
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    unlocked iPhone - need to manually input APN w/ pre-paid SIM?

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone (from Italy). I am about to go on a trip and will be using pre-paid SIM cards while traveling in Europe. Assuming that I use pre-paid cards from carriers that sell the iPhone (like t-mobile in Germany and Telia in Sweden), will I have to manually input the APN...
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    switch AT&T 3G to authorized Euro carrier?

    I have a 16gb 3G iPhone that was purchased from AT&T on launch day. I am now planning to move to Europe. AT&T has agreed to let me out of the contact due to the move. When I arrive in Europe, can I sign up for an "authorized" iPhone plan with an "authorized" European carrier and still use the...
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    date calculator?

    is there a date calculator web app available? I am looking for something with the functionality of but with a more iPhone type interface. I have searched and to no avail. if none exists, I...
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    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    just visit on your iPhone. Safari will crash. DO NOTHING and WAIT FOR YOUR iPHONE TO RESET! (takes approx. 30 seconds) when your iPhone restarts, it will be jailbroken with installer and SSH installed! :2cool::2cool::2cool::2cool::2cool::2cool: NO COMPUTER is...