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  1. pserena

    iPhone 5s locked

    My son is using my old 5S. He had his fingerprint tied to it but forgot his password. It won't use his fingerprint ( I guess the device was turned off). His phone is linked to my Apple ID. Is there anyway I can recover this password without resetting his phone?
  2. pserena

    Email shows unread

    My email shows that I have unread mail in the junk folder. I go to the junk folder and it's empty. It was up to 500+. I then deleted the email account and it fixed the 500+ emails. Now it's starting over and it's adding up again. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. pserena

    WiFi Connection on iPad Air

    Can anyone tell my why my Ipad Air will not connect to my home WiFi? It has connected before and I have other devices on my router and my Ipad connects ok to other WiFi locations like a public areas. I've reset the router, cleared all internet connections on my Ipad and it will not connect...