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    Mobile me from eBay? Legit?

    Just curious if this is legit. How can people sell mobile me for 36 dollars when it retails for 99. If it's legit I'd buy?
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    Stream any podcast app?

    I need an app that I can search all podcasts available on iTunes, then steam any of them. Does this exist? I've been using stitcher but the podcast selection is terrible
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    Anyone been able to get tethering on their unlimited plan?

    I'm going to engage in the good fight with att in a few minutes, my 150 dollar a month phone bill since 2002 is usually a good tool in my fight, I don't expect to win, but I'll definitely let att know they're close to losing me with absurd policies
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    Any apps to cure a cold?

    I'm sick :( it sucks cause I want a bowl of fruit loops. Any apps that tell you how to cure a cold?
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    Rant: AT&T has the nerve to talk about upgrading to 4G?

    So, I've been reading about AT&T saying they will begin upgrading to LTE in Q1, maybe Q2 2011 at the latest.... This drives me to tears it makes me so angry, does it you? I have been a loyal iPhone owner since the original, and an AT&T customer since 2001, but this is enough to drive me off the...
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    Apple replaced my cracked glass!

    I brought my iPhone with cracked glass to an Apple Store and they replaced it with no questions asked. Super happy!
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    glass cracked in my pocket?

    so I just pulled out my phone and the glass is now cracked.... apparently for no reason. I keep my iPhone pocket empty at all times. will Apple replace this? it's just the top right corner on the front... WTF? ;(
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    anyone played some cool gamecenter stuff?

    I played cromag rally but it's not very good, anyone got good multiplayer games?