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    Reminder alerts different between iphone and icloud

    I see different reminder alert options depending on whether I'm setting up an event on my phone or on icloud. If I pick a certain option in icloud, when it syncs to the phone, there are suddenly TWO alerts -- and neither one is what I originally selected when creating the event. WTF?!? How...
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    Questions about backups to computer

    For extra peace of mind, I use iTunes to back up my phone's data to my desktop. Where are these files? Can I view their contents directly? How could I use them if something happened to my phone?
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    Getting copy of iPhone sent email into Thunderbird

    What I can't figure out is how to get a copy of email sent from my iPhone into the appropriate folder in Thunderbird on my PC. I have 2 email accounts, 1 is a gmail acct and 1 is through my website domain, which is currently hosted on Bluehost. The majority of my email activities take place...
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    CompanionLink & DejaOffice with Palm Desktop?

    If you're using (or have used) this setup, how did it work for you? My setup: Windows XP, Palm Desktop 4.1, iPhone 4 --Have you run into any technical problems or glitches with this program/app? --Do you make backups of your data ... either via Palm and/or the iPhone? --Overall...
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    Does iPhone have better connectivity than Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch?

    I'm new to smartphones and sparing what time I can to climb the steep learning curve. Any helpful info about the problem I'm experiencing will be appreciated! I'm running an app to process credit card charges. The location I run charges from has not changed. My carrier is Sprint. The data plan...