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  1. Ron Jeremy

    3.0 jailbreak

    people are very impatient, 3.0 hasn't even been released publicly for 24 hours and already whining about a jailbreak. just sit tight, when it is released it is released.
  2. Ron Jeremy

    Laptop For college suggestions!

    check out the Apple macbook refurbs they are selling, can't beat those deals for basically brand new machines
  3. Ron Jeremy

    What do you think about my essay?

    ummmm ok?
  4. Ron Jeremy

    Safari 4.0 out, what do you guys think?

    i like it so far
  5. Ron Jeremy

    apps not showing

    post up some of them that aren't showing, maybe some people on here on 3.0 can confirm if they have those same apps and they are showing up or not. i would help ya out but i'm not on 3.0 yet, sorry.
  6. Ron Jeremy

    What do you think about my essay?

    those are the only kind i have
  7. Ron Jeremy

    apps not showing

    only thing i can think of is some of the apps aren't ported over to 3.0 yet. i would try 1 more restore and see if that helps.
  8. Ron Jeremy

    I think i jacked up

    you should be fine
  9. Ron Jeremy

    such a perfect day

    tequila gets it done for me
  10. Ron Jeremy

    What do you think about my essay?

    not bad, you shouldn't use wikipedia as a scholarly source though. the key to a good essay is revision and multiple different POV's
  11. Ron Jeremy

    2.2.1 02.30.03 Unlockable?

    well you seem to be cool and helpful (unlike some of the members whose posts i have read)...
  12. Ron Jeremy

    Resale value of 3G when new iPhone arrives?

    unlocked 3G iPhones are going for a lot 500-800. locked ones not so much. glad mine is unlocked :)
  13. Ron Jeremy

    After while Crocodile...

    wow i just read through this whole thread. some people have issues
  14. Ron Jeremy

    2.2.1 02.30.03 Unlockable?

    you, you're everywhere i look on this forum
  15. Ron Jeremy

    Problem with Search

    i love the search function on forums. so helpful
  16. Ron Jeremy

    Anyone here go to college?

    i have my bs. job market went sour so i picked up my stuff and learned how to drive a truck for the time being. not the greatest but i get to travel a lot, save up money, and hopefully when the economy turns around i will be ready to drop this. how do you like online classes? i had a...
  17. Ron Jeremy

    2.2.1 02.30.03 Unlockable?

    agree with what mr everywhere said :)
  18. Ron Jeremy

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    i'm so confused
  19. Ron Jeremy

    After while Crocodile...

    is this the guy you told me about in my intro thread?
  20. Ron Jeremy

    3.0 For the iPod Touch to cost $10?

    its not that hard to bypass the $10 dollar fee if you don't feel it is justified. i am new but most places frown upon that type of discussion, if it is cool around here let me know and i will post it up. i am new though and i don't want to piss anyone off :)