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  1. Michael Baturin

    Post Your Last Purchase

    So this is a big one.....after years of saving and waiting I’m finally getting my Tesla Model 3 AWD Dual Motor Long Range in Midnight metallic in 2 weeks! All paperwork is done, just waiting to get the vehicle!
  2. Michael Baturin

    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Mine still says preparing to ship but I used the good 'ol Track by Reference Number and found it! Feels just like old times!
  3. Michael Baturin

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    Yeah it sucks that resale is so low when they cost so much. Guess that’s the watch world being as different as it is from the phone world. They’re not going for much more on eBay than the $250 Apple is offering for mine back, especially after eBay and PayPal take their cut. I’m considering just...
  4. Michael Baturin

    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    Preordered the iPhone X’s Max 256GB to replace my iPhone X 256Gb. I’m on the AT&T Next 12 month upgrade plan. Still had to pay $95 for some reason. Guess it hasn’t been 12 months? Anyways got this one for release date delivery. Also ordered the Apple Watch Series 4 Black Stainless 44mm to...
  5. Michael Baturin

    Newest iPad Pro.

    I actually went the other way around. I initially purchased the 12.9 inch and while it is gorgeous, it turns out I am more mobile with my iPad than I originally thought. For sitting at a desk and working on the iPad in word processing apps and such it was perfect. For reading articles on the...
  6. Michael Baturin

    Who's Buying a HomePod?

    Hey @Hondamaker - what are your impressions? I was thinking about getting one, but I have a JBL Xtreme I purchased only about 6 months ago for around $200 (edit). The JBL sounds great, but I am thinking the HomePod will be a better speaker.
  7. Michael Baturin

    iPhone X picture thread

    I had to scale mine down quite a bit in Photoshop to get it to a reasonable size.
  8. Michael Baturin

    iPhone X picture thread

    @Kobel1up - very nice photos! Here is one I took and edited a bit of my brother in law with his newborn.
  9. Michael Baturin

    What is the fastest way to charge iPhone X in the Car?

    I've been trying to figure this out for a while with my iPhone 7 Plus. With the 7 Plus, I always just had a USB extension from the center console USB input run down the side of the driver's seat, around the bottom back of the driver's seat, then back up between the driver's seat and the door...
  10. Michael Baturin

    iPhone X first impressions

    Loving the X so far. My biggest gripes are small things, really. First, I wish the battery percentage was something I could choose to show instead of the signal bars or wifi symbol. I would much rather have to swipe to control center to check wifi connection/signal strength than battery %...
  11. Michael Baturin


    Ahhhh gotcha- you're talking about those with original dates after the 3rd getting bumped up sooner. Well, the fact that they were 5-6 weeks out the day after pre-orders, and still are is promising. They must be confident in their ability to accelerate manufacturing.
  12. Michael Baturin


    I used AT&T Next and mine is coming tomorrow. Are you saying the iPhone Upgrade Program people are being bumped out further or sooner?
  13. Michael Baturin

    iPhone X 64GB or 256GB?

    Only if it is so full that you literally have no space left, and only slower because you'll often be prompted about it being full. Not actually slower. I have the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus and have 63GB free. I like to keep my entire 5000 song library local from Tidal in HiFi so that I can play it...
  14. Michael Baturin

    X preorder thread

    Stupid, yes. Fun, yes. :)
  15. Michael Baturin

    Best Buy charging extra

    @shutter13 - funny you are right. I think they realize the demand far outweighs the supply and their revenue management team isn't stupid. When demand outweighs supply, you raise the price because people will still buy it. How it affects their customer's opinion and loyalty to them is an...
  16. Michael Baturin

    So you ordered an are you going to carry her?

    Like I have for my last 4 iPhones, I went with the Sena Ultraslim Sleeve for the X. I love that it protects in the pocket but lets me use the phone naked in the hand. A bit steep on the price at $43.75 shipped but it lasts as long as I will have the phone and I love that the real italian...
  17. Michael Baturin


    Just tried the 'ol track by reference trick (phone number as reference) on UPS website and lo and behold!
  18. Michael Baturin

    X preorder thread

    Mine still says Preparing for Shipment and has since Saturday morning. Expecting it to change today (hopefully) to shipped. I know it will be here 11/3 but this time between preorders and arrival always have me on edge. I also think there is just something fun about the discovery part of...
  19. Michael Baturin

    X preorder thread

    Did you change your avatar pic this morning? Haha just kidding! Happens to the best of us.
  20. Michael Baturin

    X preorder thread

    I miss these threads! Woke up 3am EST and somehow got through for the first time in years! Went with the 256GB - I'll likely be heading to the local UPS Hub on release morning!