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  1. Novembers Paul

    iPhone Nano or mini? Photo!

    I found this over at 9to5mac today. Very interesting photo. Mini or Nano possibly?
  2. Novembers Paul

    A feature I would LOVE

    Most of us have our wish list... MMS, Copy and Paste, Flash support... I too want all that, but I thought of something else I want, I don't see mentioned too often. I upgraded to a 16 GB iPhone, and sold my 8 GB to a good friend. I had an original launch day phone with a 5 series screen. The...
  3. Novembers Paul

    Known Webclip list

    A thread was started on another forum that I've contributed to, and thought it would be nice to share the info, and maybe people here can add to it. Known sites with iPhone / iPod Touch WebClips: UPDATED - January 23rd, 2008 - 12:10 PM Central Time 4 in a Row ...
  4. Novembers Paul

    iPhone / iPod car mount I purchased

    I have been looking for a good solution for a car mount for my iPhone. I had originally purchased an adjustable mount, that sat in the cup holder. This worked for a short time, but after while the pressure clamps that the base sits in the cup holder wore out. I bought a suction cup style mount...