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  1. kneshoba

    New MBP or iMac

    I need some help.... I am thinking about getting a new Mac. I currently own a 15" MBP. (it is a 2007 model still runs great) I am debating should I get a new 15"MBP or a iMac( have not decided on size yet.) I am currently in the beginning stages of web development(still in school) I...
  2. kneshoba

    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    I have a received a iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode( iTunes and the cable on the screen). I can get it into DFU mode but once I try to do a restore I get a 23 error, I have tried different firmwares and get different errors i.e. 1601. I have no idea what firmware version it had before...
  3. kneshoba

    PWNage with 3.0 update lost visual voicemail

    I just did the pwnage with 3.0, everything so far is great, except I just went to check my voicemail, and i do not have visual voicemail, it calls my mailbox. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  4. kneshoba

    Canadian iPhone

    I just read the Rogers contract with the iPhone, and they are getting a raw deal, I for one will not complain about the data fee after seeing other carriers are putting caps on the amount of data you can use per month. This is url Which i signed, for...
  5. kneshoba

    If Apple addresses shortfalls with iPhone 3G, will you upgrade?

    Let's say that a front facing camera, flashed enable, mms, basically everybody's wants for the 3G was due out in the 4th qtr or early 09'. and you are going to purchase a new 3G on July 11 or a little later. Would you still buy one in July? Me personally no. My reasoning is this, why would...
  6. kneshoba

    Has Anyone bought Apple Care for their iPhone?

    Has Anyone bought Apple Care for their iPhone? I did, due that I was told I could transfer it to the new iPhone.
  7. kneshoba

    Paired with laptop

    Has anyone paired there iPhone with there macbook/pro. I just connected to my mbpro.
  8. kneshoba

    Apple store workshop

    Is anyone going to the workshop for the iPhone? Or went to the workshop on Saturday. I'm scheduled Monday at 7pm.
  9. kneshoba

    Store Locator

    I have found this cool Google Earth App that will locate all true ATT stores that will sell the iPhone.
  10. kneshoba

    3G on 1st gen iPhone?

    I may just be crazy, or just full of wishful thinking as Friday approaches. But what if the 1st Gen iPhone has 3G capabilities maybe hidden, kinda like the wireless N capabilities in the MacBook/Pro where you had to have a update to enable it. Here is the reasoning to my post: "The GSMA wants...