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    Phone won't charge?

    Today when i woke up i noticed that i had only 20% battery life, didn't make any sense bein as i had left to to charge all night, when i plug the charger into my phone it makes the charge noise, the battery logo does everything its suppost to and all but it doesn't matter how long i let it charge...
  2. J

    Smells like burning

    This may seem a bit weird i guess but last night i sniffed the charge port and headphone jack on my 3G (i like the smell of new electronics lol) but instead of smelling something pleasant it smelled like something burning, the phone was a bit sluggish so i did a restore its acting fine now...
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    Alert! For those who ordered with debit card.

    Hi, I placed a DF order at my local AT&T store on august 1, i noticed that pple who had ordered after me were getting theirs while my order was sitting idle. Then august 7th comes around and mine was cancelled for no reason, I called the AT&T store rep where i ordered the DF, she said that it...