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    MobileMe = Garbage

    MobileMe has given me the pleasure of working for 1 day, and then failing to sync any of my calendars. So - I turned of MobileMe on my PC with Outlook 2007, and I removed the account from my iPhone and synced via iTunes. From here, I turned MobileMe back on and everything worked great, for...
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    bricked iPhone

    I tried the installer update to 1.1.3. It rebooted and 1.1.3 was working fine. Then I opened SMB preferences, the phone reset to the connect to iTunes screen with the cord going to the iTunes icon. I get the above message. Any ideas?
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    Can't connect to iTunes

    I did what the guide "Jailbreak/Unlock a brand new 1.1.1 iPhone without using a computer! The FINAL guide" said to do. When I connect my phone via the dock, iTunes will not show the iPhone. When I connect, a bubble pops up in the bottom right hand corner of windows xp that says "One of the USB...
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    iBrickr won't work with 1.1.1

    I have followed used touch free to jailbreak my phone and install installer on my iPhone. I would like to install summerboard 1.1.1. I have downloaded iBrickr because this version of summerboard is only available on it. After clicking on a program, I get the usual "downloading", "uploading"...
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    Phone call to audio out?

    I am aware that you can have a conversation on the phone with the headphones included with the iPhone. One day, I was driving in my 2006 Honda Civic with an AUX INPUT. This is how I listen to my iPhone, just plug it in and go. I had received a call and to my amazement - the voice music faded...
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    Can't Sync my iPhone, please help

    I recently upgraded my operating system to Windows Vista from XP. After that, I downloaded iTunes 7.4 and have been trying to sync. The only thing I can sync are my contacts and email preferences. Any attempt to sync music or pictures results in a slow down and crash of my computer...