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    No internet access....Can you help?

    I bought my wife an iPhone. She likes it, but brought it to me today saying, "I cannot get my emails". If she had checked she would find she cannot get the weather, stock prices or use Safari either. Is there something she has done or that I can do to fix this? The Edge wheel spins and the WiFi...
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    Sync with iTunes disconnects phone on iCal sync

    I try to sync the iPhone with iTunes. The contacts from Address Book syncs fine, but when it gets to Calendar sync with iCal the sync shuts down with the message that "Calendars couldn't sync because the iPhone disconnects". Any thoughts? I also cannot slide the unlock slide either. Am I...
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    I get dropped from Safari--What's the problem

    When I use Safari (I am using CBSSPORTSLINE.COM) I can sign on, select what I want and double click for larger print. However, somewhere in there I get disconnected and sent back to the main iPhone button page. Any idea why this is happening or how to correct it?
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    Where's the rest of my email?

    When downloading emails, frequently the contents, and certainly the attachments, do not download. I get a message telling me that the body of the email couldn't be downloaded. I am using MacMail. Any help? Thanks