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    How do I Put my newest app versions in iTunes?

    Quick example. I have tiger woods and on my old phone and all my golfer stats are on it but when I added to my brand new 4S it was the old version that my iTunes previously had (went into the app store on the new phone and into previous purchases and clicking on the cloud with the down symbol)...
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    first time jailbreaker to updating firmware user and have a few questions..

    Quick question. I'm jailbroken on iPhone 4 and going to update. What are the steps i need to do to keep my jailbroken apps for next time i decide to jailbreak again. i have pkgbackup and aptbackup downloaded. which is better and easier? and is there anything else I should know before updating...
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    Phone will not turn on anymore.. Help Please!

    have a 3gs and my battery was almost dead, i'd say about 20 percent or so. so as im on my way to work i was texting and it was fine. when i go to work to plug it in to charge, the phone was off and would not turn back on. not even after its been sitting on the charger for hours. hard reset does...
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    New ringtones issue. Any ideas?

    So since the 3.1 update u are able to get ringtones straight from your phone. I have a bunch the free way but decided to try one just for kicks so I downloaded one. Works fine then yesterday I synced to add musics to my phone and it says something like "cannot copy (name of tone) because it's...
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    Apps won't update from phone and won't transfer from iTunes help!

    1st of all i downloaded an app (tris the tetris riproff) then while that was happening my phone rebooted then never came back on it just sated on the Apple screen no matter how many restarts i did. i restored (last save was aug 4th) then when i came back there was quite a few updates for all my...
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    phone froze on app and will not go back

    hey i just happened to click on the myspace app i have and it went right to the screen but its just stuck there. the battery cherger or iTunes wont even recognize it. what can i do to get it outta this state. i held the home button down forever like i've done before but this isn't working. any...
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    iPhone freaking out please help?

    i was using ibricker for the 1st time and i dunno what even happened. i have 1.1.3 and now my phone is repeatedly going to the Apple logo then a ton of numbers and code scroll down the screen for about 15 secs then back to the logo then scrolling. it will only stop if i power and home reset but...
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    Anyone Else Have An iPhone That Takes FOREVER To Come Up On The iTunes And Sync?

    when i plug my iPhone it i swear it takes at lwast 3-5 min of hour glassing to show up on iTunes then when i sync anything (backup or just one song, pic, tone) it takes a minimium of 5 Min to finish. longer if im syncing a lot of new things. phone was modded now its not anymore. any thoughts?
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    Anyone else have a problem with iTunes recognizing iPhone?

    my iTunes wont bring up my iPhone when i plug it in. phone was modded but restored after 1st update and haven't modded since. This has been like this for a while. it will read it once in a blue moon ( both times when updates came out and a few more) but is there a way to fix this so i can get it...
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    saving contacts and everything else

    im gettin ready to update my modded phone finally but i just wanted to know if restoring it will erase my contacts. if so how do u save them. also is there anything thing else i should backup. i saved my film roll but u can't put those pics back in the film roll right? u have to sync them in a...
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    What directory are mail/text sounds in and can you change them?

    i know how to add ringtones and icons and all that i just want to know what dir should i look into for the sounds of e-mail, text, locking phone. things like that. thanks EDIT: i saw that someone said u cannot do the text alert, but last week i seen someone saying they had the super mario "bye...