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    Otterbox Defender, how to remove screen protector

    How can I remove the screen protector on the Defender? I bought one for my son's 5C and a lot of dirt gets trapped underneath it.
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    What's the best rugged case for iPhone 5c?

    I'm going to buy my 11 year old an iPhone 5C. What is the best rugged case that I can buy? He tends to drop his phone once in a while...
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    Text and email alert tones

    What is the default text and email tone for the 5S? I tried some other alert tones, but they are all annoying.
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    Apple iPhone 5s Case - Black

    I'm thinking about getting this case. How does it look after a few months and/or drops? Is it worth the $40?
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    Anti-slip case suggestion I have this one. It slips out of my hands way too much. Should I get a silicone case?
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    iCloud Reminders

    I'm using a new iCloud id and all of my old Reminders are now gone. Is there any way to migrate them into my new id? Everything else is still there.
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    Creating folders in Mail

    Why do I have to log into my laptop and go to in order to create folders in my email?
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    Phone doesn't function while on a call

    iPhone 5S-32gb This happens sporadically. I was on a call and I wanted to pull up my notepad. I pressed the home button, but nothing happened. At the end of the call I clicked end call, nothing happened. Is this a hardware issue?
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    Import Chrome bookmarks into Safari on iPhone?

    What's the easiest way to import Chrome bookmarks into Safari on my iPhone 5S?
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    Voicemails won't delete

    I deleted all voicemails yesterday. Today someone left me a voicemail and all of the previous voicemails that I deleted returned to the list. Is there a fix for this?
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    Slideshow app

    I tried using the built-in slideshow software in iPhoto. The downside is that when you publish it and post a link to Facebook let's say....nobody knows what it is. Are there are good slideshow apps out there? Basically I would like to be able to take a bunch of pictures I have taken with my 5S...
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    News app

    I have been using Pulse for a while. What other top rated news app is there?
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    Weather live temps

    Is there a weather app that gives me live temps without having to open the actual app each time?
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    5s WiFi speed horrible

    I just got an upgraded NVG589 router/modem for my uVerse. My 5S get 2mb download, but my laptop gets 15mb. What gives? I used
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    Autofill & passwords

    Why won't my 5S autofill or ask to save passwords? I have this option selected in settings.
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    Apple TV, buffers while playing games on AirPlay

    I just got ATV 3. Is there any fix for this? I noticed I didn't install the update. Will that help?
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    gMail (reply from)

    When I want to reply to someone's email why doesn't the available reply from email addresses show up?
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    Thinking of going back to iPhone 5 from 5S

    I don't see any big differences between the two. I renewed my two year contract with AT&T just to get the 5S. I think I'm going to go back to the 5 and pay early termination fees and just leave it at that. I can sell my 5S for $700 or more on ebay.
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    Flash player options for iOS 7

    I watch free iptv on my laptop. What's the best flash player to use on iOS7? Sent from my iPhone 5S
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    Gmail & iCloud

    I forward my gMail to my iCloud email. gMail settings are set up where it deletes gMail's copy when forwarded. My question is should I archive gMail emails or keep them as deleted. Keeping them as deleted means that I'll always have to empty trash with the same emails in 2 accounts. Sent...