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    Kensington LiquidAUX: Bluetooth Version (Bluetooth music streaming?)

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble determining if the Kensington Bluetooth Car Kit uses bluetooth to stream music from the iPhone to the charger. When I say charger in this post, i mean the Kensington piece that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter outlet. I have an aux-in port in my car...
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    How many Moto Razr's Sold at Launch?

    Undoubtedly, Apple will release numbers for the iPhone launch soon. I'm just curious if anyone has hard numbers on other popular consumer devices sold at launch. I could only find numbers for Wii, PS3, and xbox...none come even close to the projections from analysts for the half million...
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    Can Anyone Send Mail from iPhone w/ Yahoo Account?

    I have Yahoo set up. Push works great, i get it instantly (1-2 seconds of the msg being sent). However, when I send mail from the iPhone through Yahoo, it doesn't work! It never gets received at the destination, and doesn't show up in the Sent folder on the webmail for Yahoo or the iPhone...