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    Apple replaced my phone

    would a dead pixel be solid grounds for a replacement? if so, the closest Apple store to me is a couple hours away, so does anybody have any experience in how they do replacements through the mail? would it cost me anything and how quick is the process?
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    found iPhone

    "those idiot thugs who wear their pants below their a$$es" I believe that a mans apperance/clothing style is not a judge of his character, what is in this case would be if he were to take something that doesn't belong to him. In your case what we do know is that you plan to keep something that...
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    iPhone 3G theme

    Hmmm, weird i just use cydia to install themes from, bein as they are a default source they are already there no? then after download complete i apply with winterboard
  4. J

    iPhone 3G theme

    Download through cydia, apply with winterboard
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    IMPORTANT: Recall on 3G iPhone USB power Adapter

    lol, well i guess ill keep it then :wink:
  6. J

    IMPORTANT: Recall on 3G iPhone USB power Adapter

    so what do you think they would do if i didn't send the old one back when i get the new one?
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    Phone won't charge?

    worked out perfect - thanks man:laugh2:
  8. J

    Phone won't charge?

    thanks for quick reply man - ill give it a try and let ya know if it works out.:laugh2:
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    Phone won't charge?

    Today when i woke up i noticed that i had only 20% battery life, didn't make any sense bein as i had left to to charge all night, when i plug the charger into my phone it makes the charge noise, the battery logo does everything its suppost to and all but it doesn't matter how long i let it charge...
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    Smells like burning

    This may seem a bit weird i guess but last night i sniffed the charge port and headphone jack on my 3G (i like the smell of new electronics lol) but instead of smelling something pleasant it smelled like something burning, the phone was a bit sluggish so i did a restore its acting fine now...
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    can I pay cash?

    When i went into AT&T to order mine they refused cash so i pointed at the gift cards on the desk and asked if i could use them, she asked a manager if it was ok and she said no. don't think cash is gonna work out :frown:
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    Invisible Shield Adds Bulk

    3 one time use 20% off Zagg codes v6zkrk 4ubepf 9mz2kw Id throw the Zagg Bag in your cart with one of these codes, its a really nice bag:laugh2:
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    CAN'T add Live/Hotmail! Any help ?

    What i did was set up a gmail account and use to forward my hotmail messages to my gmail account, izymails scans your hotmail account every 60 mins and forwards them to the gmail account, if you pay they will scan much sooner i forget how often. For MSN Messenger i use...
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    Alert! For those who ordered with debit card.

    Hi, I placed a DF order at my local AT&T store on august 1, i noticed that pple who had ordered after me were getting theirs while my order was sitting idle. Then august 7th comes around and mine was cancelled for no reason, I called the AT&T store rep where i ordered the DF, she said that it...