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    chrome bezel scratches?

    sorry I don't have any before shots and I really doubt an after shot would help that much. I guess you just gotta trust me on it...I was worried about how this would work on the chrome as the box didn't mention anything about it. I guess what convinced me was the fact that it said it works on...
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    chrome bezel scratches?

    alright so ive read a lot of threads about people complaining about how the chrome bezel around the iPhone gets real scratched up when left without a case. i had the same problem because i never used a case as i liked the naked look of the phone. I haven't really seen any great solutions besides...
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    Sending in an iPhone to Apple

    Apple is pretty good about replacing phones. After I bought my iPhone I treated it like a baby and was extremely cautious about scratches, so when I started noticing some scratches on the chrome bezel, I bought a case to prevent any more. The case actually made more scratches, and I went to...
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    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    i tried this method twice and both times i was unable to get windows or iTunes to recognize the iPhone...had to put the phone in restore mode to start over. i used the touch free method to jailbreak and it worked perfectly. before doing all of this i had a jailbroken 1.02. i just restored and...
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    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    iTunes wont recognize just used this method to jailbreak the iPhone, and now windows wont recognize the phone....had a 1.02 modded and restored with 1.1.1 to set everything up. any suggestions?
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    "The Beat Goes On"?

    exactly, i figured something like this might happen, but didn't think a price drop would happen so quickly. i have a 4 gb and now that i know i could of had a 8 gb for 100 bux cheaper is heartbreaking.
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    Speculation Aside

    i agree. the video is really impressive when watching movies. far more watchable than the old video ipod. the only real huge thing i feel needs some of Apples attention is the widescreen keyboard in all apps and not just safari...who knows maybe they're working on it so it works good with the...
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    voicemail sounds hollow?

    ok so i guess its just the way it is. thanks
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    voicemail sounds hollow?

    anyone having problems with their visual voicemail sounding really hollow and grainy? i went to att and the guy told me hes never had anyone come in with that problem. id rather find out if its just the way it is, or if my phone has a problem before driving an hour to have Apple check it out.