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    WiFi problems

    1. Clik on Settings 2. Click on WiFi 3. Below "Choose a Network..." should be a list of available networks - click on the name of the network you want to join 4. When the "Enter Password" screen comes up, in the "Security" Box you will want to click where it says "WEP Password" 5. On the...
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    Which iPhone screen protector is best?

    Is there a way to clean the "sticky" side of the Crystal shield?
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    iTunes never completed order to finish activation!

    If you need a # call 1-800-MY-iphone - it's the iPhone tech support line.
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    Unable to Activate EDGE?

    So I called Apple and the tech had me turn off my phone for 30 seconds and then turn it back on and lo and behold, Edge was operational. Apparently I wasn't the first to call with the issue.
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    Unable to Activate EDGE?

    HELP: "Could Not Activate EDGE" Error Message So I got 'er set up and the phone & apps seem to work fine except anytime I try to do anything data related (weather, safari, etc.) I get an error message that says "Could Not Activate EDGE" Any idea why this is happening & how I correct the...