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  1. mgiara

    iPhone 4S parts snapshots for ID

    Yeah I'm glad it's working and my screen is no longer cracked but the rear camera still doesn't autofocus (probably because it was dropped), and the power button up top doesn't function (likely because I hastily reassembled it). I'm going to order a new screw kit off cheapoBay and a new camera...
  2. mgiara

    iPhone 4S parts snapshots for ID

    So just so anyone who comes across this searching for a solution, the gold part is mounted on the post to the right of the camera, underneath the motherboard. I believe it provides ground. bryan092785 wrote: The part on the left is a rubber bumper guard that goes alon the top edge of...
  3. mgiara

    iPhone 4S parts snapshots for ID

    Very true though Iwerle, if you're not willing to risk entirely losing a ~$700 investment, yes, leave it to a pro.
  4. mgiara

    iPhone 4S parts snapshots for ID

    Honestly it all comes down do how confident you are. The tools are all out there available to you. Thank you Jerome, ifixit is essentially a community of people with the confidence, but only bits and pieces of the knowledge required, hence why it's a collaborative site, and in my opinion, one of...
  5. mgiara

    Best app for voice-texting?

    We sold a bluetooth headset at Best Buy Mobile that came with an app that did all of this for you. I wanna say it was a blueant or a jawbone, or a motorola. One of those.
  6. mgiara

    iPhone 4S parts snapshots for ID

    Hey everyone! I recently dropped my baby while at work and cracked the screen. I went against the kosher methodology of having Apple repair it, mostly because of the price, partially because I love learning how things work, and because I was jailbroken. So I ordered a screen replacement kit on...
  7. mgiara

    My earphones are not getting properly inserted into earjack

    If there is something lodged in the jack, I'm sure you can find a kit on cheapBay for replacing it. I just did it for the screen.
  8. mgiara

    WiFi problem after updating to 5.1

    Restart both the iPhone and the router. When I'm diagnosing connectivity issues, a good first step is to power down and restart all devices. Sometimes starting with the router first helps.
  9. mgiara

    Phone monitoring

    My answer to your question: Yes there are apps like that out. The most legitimate ones are a little pricey, but they're extremely well hidden and will report anything you want to you. Do a G00gle search. You'll only need their phones for a few minutes I think, while they're left unattended...
  10. mgiara

    Hands free texting while driving?

    Does anyone know if there's anything like this for Pioneer head units?
  11. mgiara

    Anti-virus needed?

    I used to work for Best Buy Mobile. It amazed me that we sold purchase codes for antivirus apps for Android, but strangely enough, there were none offered for iPhones at the time. (a year and a half ago or so)
  12. mgiara

    Do you need LTE

    I agree with Cliffeman. I'm not even running 4G, I'm on Verizon's 3G, which since many are switching to LTE in the bay area with newer devices, the 3G service is running incredibly fast. I can post my results as soon as i fix my iPhone, which will happen as soon as I post my help thread, which...
  13. mgiara

    Can I send a ringtone or message tone

    I wonder if there's an app in the Cydia store that can do this?
  14. mgiara

    Can I exchange at Apple Store? Bought used, no receipt.

    It's not terribly difficult to replace parts with aftermarket off cheapBay. I recently did it with my screen for much less than Apple would have charged. Something you shouldn't try though if you're not nimble with your hands.
  15. mgiara

    4s keyboard

    My 4s has fantastic 3G reception here in the bay area of California. I switched from owning multiple droid phones, blackberries, and multiple other smartphones (I worked for Best Buy Mobile) to the 4S the 3G performs many times better. Must be about location?
  16. mgiara

    Lending my SIM to unlock phone?

    It makes me feel good inside to know that the community is so honest.
  17. mgiara


    pdanet has worked for me with multiple devices, including my 4S!
  18. mgiara

    Funny Siri Screenshots

    These are great!