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    My 5s is locked in 30 second mode and when I go to settings>general>auto-lock, the auto-lock is dim so can't change it to another value. any help on this..
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    Bluetooth keyboard

    What is the best Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad pro?
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    Password needed for any apple store purchase

    it doesn't WORK.
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    Password needed for any apple store purchase

    And it does work. Now I can't download anything. Any clues
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    my 5S won't receive all calls

    My 5s only rings 3 times then goes to voicemail What's up with that
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    Installing VPN

    You may find some apps that won't run with vpn open. Like bhtv
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    Should I update my iPhone 5s to iOS 9?

    Works very smoothly right off the store
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    Unable to access forum from app

    Can't start a new topic
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    Weird icon. Can't get rid of "nuisance"

    The triple click worked Sent using iCafe app
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    Weird icon. Can't get rid of "nuisance"

    Thanks for the help. Worked fine. What a relief Sent using iCafe app
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    Weird icon. Can't get rid of "nuisance"

    I have this icon ( a black square with a white circle in the middle). I can place it anywhere on the screen as an overlay and it keeps it screen position when I go from screen to screen. If I click on this icon , a large square appears that allows me to select NOTIFICATION CENTER ...
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    Spreadsheet app not working with iOS 7?

    thanks tom... tried your suggestion and was able to print the data that I couldn't access before. Worked well.
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    Year view pictures

    thanks Europa.... you're the best....
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    Year view pictures

    Can someone tell me how to see the "year view" in the Photos app with iOS 7? Thanks!
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    Spreadsheet app not working with iOS 7?

    I have been using "spreadsheet" for the last 2 upgrades but with IOS7 I just get a blank when I try to run the app. How can I find an update for "spreadsheet" if one exists... thanks
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    Downloaded iOS 7 to my iPhone 5 but....

    Been waiting for a few hours...telling me that it cannot verify the software at this time, although it says it downloaded. When I check for version , it is still at 6.1.4. What is happening? thanks
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    To iOS 7 or Not

    I am getting the iPhone 5s this friday. Currently have the iPhone 5. Would it be wise NOT to update my 5 to IOS7 before going to the new 5s? thanks
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    2nd iPhone 5

    No, I explained the problem and he did a couple of laptop diagnostics and then went to get another phone.
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    2nd iPhone 5

    This is a naked phone and in a good reception area. My wives 4s usually gets 3 bars and my 5 gets 1 or at most 2. Ongoing my 3rd iPhone 5 yesterday from Apple store and it isn't any different. Still getting garble and dropped calls. The Apple techs just swap the phone out. Maybe...
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    2nd iPhone 5

    Apple replaced my original iPhone 5 about 2 weeks ago due to very poor voice. Everything sounded garbled and getting dropped calls. This new one is not any better. I even had the sim card replaced by att and still not better. Should I try for a third or is there something else I can try...