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  1. siantslil23

    anyone know where com.Apple._______.plist is?

    im trying to find the place where i can delete the Im not sure if thats what it looks like but does anyone know where i can find that through ssh?:angry:
  2. siantslil23

    is there SSH on 3G?

    ive been trying to connect to SSH with my 3G but wont work. Does anyone know another way?:angry:
  3. siantslil23

    anyone can give me custom ipsw?

    I was using winpwn and when i try to make a custom ipsw, it just closes the program while making it... Can someone upload a link to a custom ipsw. im AT&T.
  4. siantslil23

    [HELP] PC does not recognize iPhone..

    Ok so today I went to a store and tried to plug my iPhone into a speaker. when I did that, My phone went crazy hot then shut off. Now i cant turn it on and my pc wont recognize it. anyway i can fix this? P.S.: If nothing works and I try to return this to Apple... will they give me the new...
  5. siantslil23

    [Need] Customize Sources

    I have customize but when i go to installer and check the customize themes section, there are only 4 items... Does anyone know the source where I download stuff for customize? :angry:
  6. siantslil23

    Kate free?

    Is there a way to keep kate w/o paying? I have two more days left until it expires.
  7. siantslil23

    5 icon dock how?

    Is there download in installer that allows 5 icon dock? or any other way?
  8. siantslil23

    No ringtone sound... WHY?

    I jailbroke my iPhone with ziPhone. it is 1.1.4. Now i noticed that my ringtone is not working. does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. siantslil23

    1.1.4 customize/summerboard problem

    Does anyone know the source that tricks the installer so that i can download 1.1.3 stuff?
  10. siantslil23

    volume not loud...

    ok... I noticed that my when someone calls me..m my ringtone is is not loud... its really soft... I have checked everything. but still not loud.. why?:angry:
  11. siantslil23

    customize permission change

    where can i change the customize permissions to 775? is there any steps or anything?:angry:
  12. siantslil23

    spanish dictionary?

    is there any app or website for iPhone where it translates spanish to english?:angry:
  13. siantslil23

    restore problem 1.1.4--->1.1.3

    i just tried to restore my 1.1.4 to 1.1.3 and gave me an error at the end... what am i doing wrong?:angry:
  14. siantslil23

    [Need] Firmware 1.1.3

    anyone know or have the firmware 1.1.3?:angry:
  15. siantslil23

    Anything new in 1.1.3?

    ok so ive heard that there was this great app in 1.1.3 that pin-points where you are... is there anything else thats new/good in v1.1.3?:angry:
  16. siantslil23

    Need Help With Gba

    mine says "Sorr', but ipSP requieras a Gameboa Adva..." what should i do?:angry:
  17. siantslil23

    NEED: high-piched ringtone

    anyone have the high-pitched ringtone...aka Mosquito ringtone? :foot:
  18. siantslil23

    Problem: Main slider

    can someone upload the bottombarbkgnlock.png.. from system/library/Frameworks/TelephonyUI.framework
  19. siantslil23

    Need Main Slider

    can someone upload the main slider png... when i use mine it lifted up... i used customize and used the back-up, it still didn't work...
  20. siantslil23

    Help... No Signal

    ok so i was updating from v1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and then back to 1.02 to v1.1.1... but now i have no signal and the AT&T logo wont show... any clue on how to fix this?:angry: