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    Best Case for Traveling

    I am going to be going to Italy in April and I am wondering what the best case will be for traveling? Any suggestions?
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    Griffin Reveal Frame

    I have been looking for the perfect case since I got my iPhone on release day. I have had probably 15 different cases I none of them I truly loved. Then finally yesterday I was at Target and I saw one. The Griffin Reveal Frame, it is like the Reveal but has no plastic clear back. It is somewhat...
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    Incase Slider

    Which color of the Incase sliders are the best?
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    Verizon iPhone is a let down

    There aren't any differences between the two are there?
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    iPhone Bumper scratching bezel

    I really like using the Apple Bumper but, it always scratches the metal band around my phone. Is there anyway to fix it?
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    Tips for conserving battery life

    What are some good things to conserve battery life?
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    Should I wait for the iPad 2?

    I have the money to get an iPad but I heard there is a new one coming out. Should I wait? Also I have an iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro. Do you think it's worth it?
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    Is it right for me?

    I am a high school student and I am wondering if an iPad is a good thing to use for all my school work?
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    Difference in material used in iPhone Bumper

    Is the material on the white iPhone bumper different than the black?
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    iPhone Bumper scratches!

    Ok so I have had my bumper on for maybe a month or so. I took it off last night and I noticed is has scratched the stainless in so many places. Will Apple replace my phone because an Apple product shouldn't do that.
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    Loose iPhone bumper

    I take my bumper off to clean it regularly, and I noticed it is losing its shape. Is there anything I can do so it will reform?
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    New iPhone 4 bumper

    Ok so here is the deal, I got a bumper a couple days after release day. I used it for a while then I broke it so I waited a couple months and just got a new one today. I noticed that the rubber like material seems harder and the lip seems different. Does anybody know if Apple made changes to the...
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    Bumper Warranty

    I have had my bumper for less than a month and it is already stretched out at the top. Do you think Apple will replace it?