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    Delete account

    Is it possible to delete my forum account? I no longer use this and am trying to clean up? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quick reply says someone is typing

    Has anyone else had this issue since upgrading to ios10? When I receive a message and pull down from the top bar to read, it always says the user is typing another text when they are not. This happens with every text. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Earbud repair

    Just had my iPhone 6s for 4 months and the left hand side of my earbuds don't work. My nearest Apple Store is 100 miles away so I thought I'd try Apple support. Even though my phone is under 1 year Apple still want to charge me £30 for a new pair. Is there any other way I can send these in for...
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    Is this a U.K. Or US based site?

    Just curious as normally I don't get any replies to any topics I make. Is this forum based more for people inside the U.S.? Thanks
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    Music listening apps in Uk

    Does anyone know any apps other than spotify where you can listen to the latest full albums (even if it is on shuffle) for free ?
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    Battery issue not lasting over 9 hours

    For the past few weeks my battery has been rubbish. I have everything switched off like auto brightness, location services, background app refresh, push notifications. I even kept it on aeroplane mode all day one day and it still didn't last. Yesterday I did took my phone off charge at 7am and...
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    iTunes group albums and artist

    I currently have an album which is a compilation, so when I go to albums it shows up in 1 album. Which is good. The artists are all different but if I go to artist all the song are all under various artists (this was set in album artist) If I change things I can get them showing in artists as...