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    PLEASE help asap! I have an iPhone 2g and am trying to update without activating it..

    I bought a 3g a long time ago and am now trying to sell my old 2g...but I want to update it to the latest firmware (its still in the 1.0s) and unlock it and such so I can sell it...but how can I do that without having to activate my phone through iTunes!? Please someone help me asap!
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    So who else has LAG again? darn it!

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before...anyway I upgraded to the new firmware and then things were good, for like a day, now the lag is back! I don't know if it is as bad as before but it is deff bad! Anyone else have it return? Is it unfixable!?
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    Has anyone else SCRATCHED their 3G's glass screen?

    I sure have! And I never expected it! I am 100% careful with my products, I have the invisiblesheild on the back and I knew the front was scratch resistant from videos and the first iPhone. However, my iPhone 3g has many little scratches on the front from normal everyday things, like I think I...
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    Did you know the iPhone WILL NOT LET YOU mess up?

    Type in Mothe in the txt msg box. Then go to type a T instead of the R required in "mother". Also try to type an E, the iPhone will not let you. I never noticed it did this, I thought it only corrected things, very cool! Anyone know if this is new with the 3G?
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    Has anyone gone back and looked to see if rumors were true about the iPhone 3G?

    Hey guys, I just passed up an article that was talking about a 3g iPhone pic leaked and the guy was all, "it is just a colorwared iPhone"..."it has been photoshopped" and looking back, it really was a leaked 3g lol! Anyone know of more leaked info that was either false/true with links so we can...
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    Contract SWITCH-UP question?

    Hey guys, my mom is on Verizon and wants to come to AT&T. Since I sold my iPhone I am ineligible to get the cheaper one right? (The stopped my data of iPhone 20 days ago, but I was a customer from day 1) Anyway, I was thinking that now I am 18, I can make a new contract on my own name and she...
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    Ok, so what do I NEED TO BRING to buy the iPhone?

    I am 18 and under my dad's account so I guess I need to call ATT to tell them to add me as a main guy on the account right? Anyway, do I need to bring his Social Security Number? His ID? My ID? What all do I need?
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    I sold my iPhone to get 3G, now I'm not eligible

    hey guys, I sold my iPhone to get the new 3g one and bough an att tilt to use until it was release so they had to switch my data plans making me illegible for the new iPhone...please help me...What do I do now? When I buy the 3G will they see that I was once a customer and still give me the...
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    Ok...we have ALL complained, but WHY STEVEY?

    Ok guys, we have all complained about the iPhone's lack of features on the new 3G model. However, I am still going to get one so this is not a hate post. I am sure there have been posts like this before but I didn't see any in the 2 seconds I checked. So...why do you guys think it is that steve...
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    Is the INVISIBLESHIELD Sticky?

    Hey current gen iPhone users using InvisibleShield, is it sticky? Like can I slip it in my geans, easily, and slide it right back out, or will i have to pull as if it were rubber? I hated the rubber case I had and when I get the 3G I want to try a clear skin option so I can see my phone...
  11. L me out here...will i be eligible for the cheap price?

    I sold my iPhone before the announcement. I switched to an ATT Tilt but did not sign a contract. I got v1 when it was released. If I return my ATT Tilt before the 30 days and ask to switch back to my old contract, will I get the iPhone owners advantages? I know a lot of this is speculation but...
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    Will the iPhone 3G be hard to get? Or easy like V1?

    Will the iPhone 3G, is that what the official name is?, be easy to get like the first one was, they really over stocked them! Or will there not be enough and you have to wait in like 3 hours? I want to go right in at 6, I won't wait, do you think I'll get one? Sorry if this has been asked but I...
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    I finally agree! The iPhone was incorrectly reviewed by most!

    Hi guys! I just wanted to say, from first hand experience, that anyone that gave the iPhone a bad review is simply mistaken. The iPhone is by far the best phone out there. Many people cited many of the problems that have been left out of the iPhone and the fact that many of the other phones have...
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    So..when do we know the WINNER of the fast and free 3G contest?

    Do we already know the winner? Who won? When will they announce it?
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    Will the new plastic black not scratch more?

    Guys, I have always worn a case over my iPhone so I don't know how well the iPhone 1 scratches or not....will this new black plastic be more scratch resistant or less? My guess would be less because it's plastic but knowing Apple, it'll be more..
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    I sold my iPhone so now what?

    Hey guys, please give me some advice. I sold my iPhone thinking the new one was coming out and then its a month away! What do I do?! I can't go buy another phone, but I NEED a phone. Are there any good cheap walmart att go phones or whatever that have a keyboard for fast txting, and cheap!?
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    3G iPhone SHORTAGES?

    Will there be a shortage of 3G iPhones when they were released? Just another reason for us owners to maybe keep them rather than sell them. Can we assume that Apple would have many as they did the first run around?
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    So....IS 3G actually A LOT faster than EDGE?

    I have seen videos and stuff of people comparing edge on iPhone with 3g on other phones, but will it actually be ALOT faster on the iPhone or not?
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    I know this has prob been asked a lot BUT-

    Is there a way to go back to factory settings after you unlock/jailbreak your phone? If I, say, want to send it back to Apple for repair or something? Would they know you have jailbroken it? This is the only thing keeping me from jailbreaking
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    Release date for liquidAux iPhone? I'm wondering if anyone knows when this item is comming out... It looks absolutely amazing! I've tried a few things so far and nothing comes near this! A remote for your car that can go through tracks, suffle, etc! And it charges! Looks awesome...but...