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    iPhone in safe mode

    Any of you know this? I didn't know there was such thing.
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    iPhone home button

    Ok I have a 4gb iPhone and there's a problem. I have to press hard on the home button for it to work, it didn't do that before. Do you think I can go to the Apple store and get an exchange or something?
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    1.1.3 jailbreak problem?

    Have any of you have/had any problem with a 1.1.3 jailbroken by the dev? I have had a couple already. Like I have to switch back and forth from edge to wifi and from wifi to edge. There's no connection after five minutes of use, so switching from wifi to edge or vice versa to make it work again...
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    Help me decide where to buy MacBook Air

    There are 2 places that I was thinking of buying from. Total cost on the same laptop Amazon-$2,094.00 apple-$2,137.44 Does it matter where I get them from? Would be the better place?
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    exchange brick phone for new one

    so i have a bricked 4gb iPhone. it doesn't turn on. if i bring it to the Apple genius, how would they replace it? they don't make 4gb anymore.
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    is it true? about unlock

    i unlocked my phone with iunlock. i just want to know if it will work in vietnam. becasue i heard someone said that you have to open it and do something to it before you can use it in Vietnam
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    what's the faster way to?

    how do u get your phone really hot? Its getting cold here so I want a heater. And what's the fastest way to gt them hot?
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    custom ringtone for 1.1.1 for PC

    yes its here
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    iPhone 1.1.1 ringtone

    i think mac people should help us pc user here. we should make a thread where people post the song they want and the mac user can convert it so that we can put it on our iPhone as ringtone what do you think
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    Option to delete iPhone data plan

    i have one of those att/cingular account where you can view your bill and phone features. in the part where you can add or delete feature i found out that you can delete the iPhone data plan. last week it wasn't there. but today there is an option to do that. is it the same for you guys?
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    iPhone unlock not unlock?

    i unlocked my iPhone and tested and it was working. i did a restore and activated with iTunes now i put in the t mobile sim card it doesn't work. do i have to jailbreak it for it to work?
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    iPhone 1.1.1 tiff exploit discovered all right a step closer to hacking it
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    unlocking question

    i have an iPhone that is unlocked. i did a restore and i got a activation screen and i decided to activate it through iTunes. i put in a t mobile sim but it didn't work. i thought it was unlocked and the restore have nothing to do with the unlock. do i have to jailbrake it for it to work? i...
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    Apple shipping theory

    i bought an iPhone on saturday night, but they don't ship till monday. i ordered the standard way. so today the 17 monday night they shipped at 10:00 pm. on the tracking status it said it will be at my house on the 18. what i have to say is that if you buy products on Apple on a saturday night...