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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    Anyone else bored of their iPhone? Over a month has surpassed, no iChat, no push email (don't say yahoo is push because it isn't), no mms, no ringtones, no games. Im not a big fan of modding a phone so I have found this phone pretty dull. Anyone else have the same thoughts? If Apple doesn't...
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    Apple Should Make a MySpace Widget

    With all the people on myspace, I think Apple should make a myspace widget. It would attract more users on the bubble to get the phone. I know quite a few people who live and die on myspace and it could be an interesting widget to create.
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    Safari browser crashing?

    is anyone else's safari browser crashing? Mine does often.
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    Emoze? Push Email Solutions.

    Has anyone tried to incorporate Emoze with the Apple iPhone for push email? I'm not too familiar with the program but if anyone has tried it please let us know.
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    Yahoo! Mail sent. Yahoo! Mail doesn't send.

    Anyone have any luck with sending through Yahoo! Mail? So the past few days I have not been able to send anything. I do a test run this afternoon and for about an hour I was sending and receiving emails flawlessly then... It happened again. I could hear the little "airplane" sound...
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    Sending a picture to your iPhone?

    Is there any possible way to do this? I tried emailing myself a photo from my macbook pro but I don't know if you can save the picture from the email into your photos? Is there a way? I also tried syncing bluetooth with it and it didn't work as well. Any help is appreciated.
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    Battery Fully Charged?

    I charged my battery initially for the first time for 13 hours and I noticed the "bolt" going through the battery was never replaced by the "plug" that indicated a full battery charge. Has anyone seen the plug that indicates the battery is fully charged like how it does that for the iPods?