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    transparent Icon

    Does any one have a transparent icon they can send me? I have been trying to make one and it keeps on putting a white fill in it as a default. Thanks Dalton
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    my jessica alba theme

    This is my custom theme with a little help from Jessica Alba. This wallpaper is from "Into the Blue" and really completes the look.
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    dial pad

    can some one post the path to change the dial pad picture? thanks Dalton
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    Free cool themes

    I found this spot for some really cool themes. ps. is any one know how to install them please let me know...LOL!...seriously.
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    How do I put themes downloaded on my PC on my iPhone?

    I found a site that has lots of cool themes and icons. the only problem is that once I download them to my pc, how do I put them on my phone? so I have to ssh each individual file to to correct folder. it seems that there should be an easier way. here is a link...
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    How do I use the file .artwork on my iPhone?

    I downloaded a file for a theme with the extension .artwork what do I do with this? how do I use it
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    mods 101

    I am new here, and to "modding" my iPhone and I really appreciate how nice and helpful people are here. I have seen some really good informative posts about how to "jail break" the iPhone. but I have not been able to find any posts on the next steps after that. i would like to learn how to add...