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  1. Crash Override

    AT&T Premier site orders, anyone's status change?

    My premier site order still says "Processing" and it sounds like it may stay that way until the phone has shipped, or maybe until I've received it. (Order doesn't even appear on the regular site). Anyone had their Premier site order status change?
  2. Crash Override

    So, after July 11, what if I need my V1 fixed?

    I've been having an ongoing issue where while talking, the screen becomes active. The phone will go to speaker mode, put the call on hold, etc. I was going to take it to the local Apple store to have them look at it, assuming they'd probably just swap it out. But, if I wait until later next...
  3. Crash Override

    1.1.4 JB'd, camera not working...

    I restored my JB'd 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and used ziPhone to jailbreak. i had the issue with the mail app just closing, but fixed by changing the permissions. I'm guessing this issue is related to permissions as well, but not sure. When I use the camera to take a picture, it seems to work, but the...
  4. Crash Override

    Success with x666x's tutorial, but one problem...

    My gmail account will not work, as it says there is no "password specified". I add the password to my mail account settings, but they will not stay. I cannot find anything in Installer that references "Mailfix". Don't seem to need any fix for the googlemaps app. I was also unable to find...
  5. Crash Override

    Read my AT&T/eBay/iPhone horror story!

    Read my AT&T/eBay/iPhone horror story! UPDATED! Any similar experiences or advice? This is a copy of the letter I sent to the Better Business Bureau: I got married in June of 2007. At the time I was a T-mobile customer. In late July, I purchased an iPhone from an eBay seller for $609.99, using...
  6. Crash Override

    Summerboard themes and 1.1.1

    After manually installing Summerboard for 1.1.1 (along with the few themes packaged with it), I installed the time machine theme. I tried launching Summerboard, but it would just crash back to the springboard. I did some reading, and with help from others on this board, I changed the summerboard...
  7. Crash Override

    Anyone using BeyondTV software?

    I downloaded it last night and recorded a couple of Tv shows on my PC. I'll try adding them to my iPhone when I get home tonight. It's pretty cool how it has options to automatically convert/compress the show to the correct format and add it to iTunes (as a podcast). The tutorial on how it...
  8. Crash Override

    Why can't I find iSaber

    I've got installer loaded and I've added the community resources. (I've even installed several apps), but iSaber never shows in my list of available apps.
  9. Crash Override

    Rumor: 3G iPhone with GPS coming soon?

    Posted on GizModo: We've been beating up on Apple for crippling the iPhone with its slowpoke EDGE network connectivity rather than 3G, but according to, "people familiar with the production plans" are now saying that a 3G-equipped iPhone will be rolling out in the first quarter of...
  10. Crash Override

    iPhoneringtonemaker 1.3.2 !

    Just downloaded the iPhoneringtonemaker 1.3.2, which has a restore function for restoring ringtones after syncing with iTunes 7.4.1 and up. Just one click and it restores all your custom ringtones.:wink:
  11. Crash Override

    Do my Earphones need a "Sweat Shield"?

    So, I've had this happen about three times while at the gym. I've got my iPhone in my pocket, using the iPod function with the screen locked. I'm using the stock earphones, which I usually run inside my shirt to minimize the wires bouncing around. All of a sudden, songs start to paus and...