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  1. Colin

    Moving iTunes to a new computer

    Hi all, I just built a new computer and I want to set up iTunes for this new machine. Although I'm backed up, I didn't de-authorize the old machine and it is no more. Here's how I'm set up: The majority of my music is DRM free on a third hard drive. Media purchased through iTunes is in the...
  2. Colin

    Strange iTune Syncing problem

    This just started happening recently, not long after 2.0 and 7.7. (but not right after!?) My podcasts aren't syncing properly. The settings selected in my (G1) iPhone menu WERE set to "all" from the dropdown list and then the 'selected podcasts' is checked. Previously, when set up like this...
  3. Colin

    A Short Memorial Video for a Friend

    A friend of mine recently passed away, I've added a new post (and 2 min video) to my site for him. Please leave a note there, I'm sure his family (who is not in Hawaii) would appreciate it. In Memory of Jerry Balcer
  4. Colin

    Can the iPhone display what frequency it's receiving?

    My signal is marginal at best in my house. I get better coverage upstairs than downstairs, so I've been thinking about a zBoost repeater. There are dual band repeaters that cost $299 but if I could isolate the band I'm on, I could buy a single band tor $199. I'm currently trying to get an...
  5. Colin

    Damn Hondamaker, you must have been busy

    06/03/2008 - TORRANCE, Calif. - American Honda Motor Co., Inc., May sales of 167,997, up 11.3 percent on a daily-selling-rate basis(1), shattered the company's all-time sales record for any month as Civic sales reached 53,299, up 28.3 percent versus last May and surpassing the previous monthly...
  6. Colin

    Cool Commercials

    Heres one that someone showed me recently: and one of my all time favorites (hondamaker, this will bring a tear to your eye......)
  7. Colin

    New car video up

    I just cut a quickie video for the new 2009 Acura TSX. I've also added a version to Youtube so please go give my new video some views and "5 star" ratings! I can't seem to move it up from the 4 stars!......:p 2009 Acura TSX "Drive" If you want to download the video, it's also on my site...
  8. Colin

    Podcasts? What do you listen to?

    I listen to a bunch from cNet - Buzz Out Loud - The Real Deal - Car Tech I also listen to - TWIT (this week in tech) - Autoline Detroit - Tekzilla (just started this one)
  9. Colin

    Just curious? Mac or PC?

    Just curious? Mac or PC? I know that the iPhone is an Apple product, but I'm a PC guy and seem to use Apple products on the go (iPhone, iPod, Newton). What is everyone else using?
  10. Colin

    iPhone mini-phono to standard mini-phono

    I want to get a iPhone mini-phono to standard mini-phono. Where is the best place to buy one? I mean to walk in and get one. Walmart? Apple Store? Radio shack?
  11. Colin

    Are we going through the 70's again?

    Is it just me, or are we re-living the 70's all over again? We have: -an unpopular war -high gas prices -fears of a recession -environmentalists running amok -factories shutting down or moving overseas All we need now is for Disco to come back and I'll go into hiding for 5 years!
  12. Colin

    Duck LuckyKelly

    Just for you: American Beauty duck Presidents Day Duck Zorro Duck Mardi Gras Duck More here:
  13. Colin


    OK some of the things on the show are just 'fluff' to fill in the spaces. Sometimes they get it right and the results are hilarious! Here are three clips that I've shortened to 'cut to the chase'. Elephants and Mice Fish In a Barrel Buster and Barrel Sorry, not iPhone friendly....wmv.
  14. Colin

    Where were you when important history was made?

    A documentary we saw last fall on the American Space program called In the Shadow of the Moon makes me remember how excited I was to be allowed to stay up past midnight to see the lunar landing. It made me think about other significant times in history and where I was. What about everyone...
  15. Colin

    Anyone here listen to Jonathan Coulton?

    I absolutely love his music! You can buy it from his site, the ones with the :) symbol are totally free for download. You can also download more of them from his "Thing a Week" podcasts (do a search). Or you can play the whole song, and then copy it from your IE cache. Be sure to check out...
  16. Colin

    Oh My God!

    Could this be the end of western civilization? Is this the answer to a question NOBODY has ever asked? :angry: **mature content** What kind of music should you play? :tounge:
  17. Colin

    If I used this splitter could I record a call? I"m thinking that I could record a call if I plug the stock headphones (with mic) into one side, and a mini-phono plug into the second female jack. I send to output to a recording device or computer and I should get...
  18. Colin

    Weird issue with video podcasts -since 1.1.4?

    Ok this only started recently (I think since 1.1.4) but it seems like some podcasts no longer want to migrate to the iPhone. Specifically, the last two mahalo daily haven't been able to sync to the phone. I get an error like "Error: the video cant sync because its not supported" or something...
  19. Colin

    Can't delete e-mail > they keep reappearing!

    Weird problem. I have a few instant notification messages from forums that won't delete. The messages do not show any information, only: (No sender) and (no subject) in the message title. I know which forum it is from because the first few lines are displayed. I've turned off message...
  20. Colin

    The mic is driving me crazy

    Does anyone else notice that the mic on the (stock) headphones always gets 'stuck' on your collar? When I'm driving and I turn my head to change lanes, the mic hooks on my collar and pulls the earbud out of my ear! I guess if it was more 'bullet' shaped it would slide over clothes better. Ok...