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  1. natalie

    I still have the problem

    At lease once a day for the past week I have to restart my phone because text messages I'm sending get stuck at the "98% sent" mark and I don't receive texts or calls till I restart. Do y'all think it's the phone or service?
  2. natalie


    my iTunes says thats when it will check for the next update... so maybe then?
  3. natalie


    i haven't been on the site in a while or keeping up with the iPhone (too busy with work, etc.)... what the hell does that stand for? lol
  4. natalie

    How the hell do I send in my phone

    Ive been going in circles on the Apple website trying to find where to send my phone in. All I can get to is the online assistance and they just give me dumb tech options to choose from like "headphone jack not working"... What do i do
  5. natalie

    iPhones: Not amphibious...

    So my iPhone went for a swim about 2 hrs ago. The music was still playing when I picked it up out of the water, and the touch screen worked but was slow. Then seconds later it craps out. Screen goes frozen with an assortment of colorful lines. I get a blower and blow the phone in all the...
  6. natalie

    Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds work with iPhone, no mod needed

    I just wanted to let yall guys know the Ink'd headphones from skullcandy work with iPhone. They fit with no mods made to them, and they even have a built in mic. I bought a pair along with an adapter to use with my phone, and when i opened up the earbuds, i saw there was no need for the...
  7. natalie

    Apple notebooks

    So im looking at getting a macbook pro.. and i was wonder how durable the Apple laptops are. I have a dell laptop thats a few years old and one of the screen hinges broke on it, just from it being opened and closed (it wasn't even my main computer i used). So the screen is just hanging on by one...
  8. natalie

    uninstalling AppTappInstaller?

    I added this app to my phone and now I want it off. Its been giving my phone problems ever since I put it on. My phone even bricked lastnight. How do I get rid of it? I did a system restore but its still there.
  9. natalie

    What the hell?

    The past 4 days this guy has called my phone 5 times. He will either say right away he has the wrong number, or he will talk like he knows me and then realize he has the wrong number. Today my phone was in my truck and when I got to it I had a missed call. I called the number and it was the same...
  10. natalie

    Im hated for making someone like the iPhone...

    Funny thing is, that all I did was hand him the iPhone. He's a friend thats been talking a lot of sh!t about the iPhone since it came out. When he heard I bought one he didn't even want to call me, because him talking to me through it would send him straight to hell. LOL Every time I would talk...
  11. natalie

    The Fracture

    I must have seen that Apple logo show up atlease a 100 times during that movie. lol
  12. natalie

    This is crazy (worth the watch)

    A machine made of Lego assembles Lego cars.
  13. natalie

    Getting a 24" iMac for personal use overkill?

    I may be ordering an iMac soon, and I was wondering if getting the 24" for personal everyday use is overkill. It would be nice to save the $300 and just get the 20". Who here has a 20", and do you think its big enough?
  14. natalie

    What's with the "i"?

    such a newbie question but here it goes... ok so im new to this whole Apple scene. ive owned an ipod for 2yrs now and before that never had anything Apple. ive always wondered.. whats with the "i" infront of their products... ipod, imac, iPhone is the "i" representing the person who owns the...
  15. natalie

    What is the deal?

    not to sound like a ***** or anything. but the iPhone is a great little device. its funny to hear all these little things people want to change. like one guy i heard wanted the phone screen to flip the other way also because when the phone is on his desk he rather be able to hit the home button...
  16. natalie

    Boy, That just made my mind up.

    Ive been toying with the idea of switching from windows based pc's to a mac. The new iMacs have been catching my attention so I thought id watch the little press conference on it. Im about half way through it and bam, windows throws an error and shuts it down. Not a hard decision at all...
  17. natalie

    Anyone else having a problem with Hotmail?

    When I first got the phone, I logged into daily. Now, for the past week, when I go to, it gives me the log in screen but when I try and log in, it just brings me back to the same log in screen. Every once in a while it will actually work. But its rare.
  18. natalie

    Error when connecting iPod car charger to iPhone

    So I picked up a iPod car charger because I was told this will work with the iPhone. I plug it in and it gives me an error that says something like "This device doesn't work with the iPhone, would you like to switch to airplane mode?" But at the same time the battery is up and the charging icon...
  19. natalie

    One thing iPhone has taught me...

    Well, made me start doing now... I now eat finger foods with a fork... lol Today I was eating some fried mushrooms, which i usually just grab with my fingers.. Nope, not this time, I used a fork so i wouldn't grease up the screen.. god im a loser
  20. natalie

    I still find this crazy

    that I'm sitting at a bar&grill making this post via my phone