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    Unlocked iPhone: Better on T-Mobile?

    So, I recently took the plunge, cancelled my AT&T account after being tired of dropped, lost, and missed calls. Went to T-Mobile and haven't been sorry since. T-Mobile really does make the iPhone shine, it's faster over EDGE (here in Dayton, Ohio at least, with the $20 internet plan, screw...
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    1.1.3 Baseband; 1.1.1OOB, JB'ed 1.1.3

    What (dis)advantages are there in updating my baseband to 1.1.3 besides Google Maps' "Locate Me" working? Does anyone notice better signal retention, or any other decent updates? How would I make it work with my JB'ed 1.1.3?
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    1.1.2 Jailbreak Problem

    So, I followed the guide to update to 1.1.2 using the touchfree process, and after getting totally stuck in 1.0.2 hell, I finally got up to 1.1.1 again. I kept having the same problem with iBrickr, and now this is affecting my 1.1.2 progress: Every time I install OktoPrep, and go to update to...
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    Switching to T-Mobile

    So, I get a TON of dropped calls with AT&T... it seems to be in certain areas, and quite a few that I drive constantly. I was thinking of doing a small T-Mobile trial, just doing a pay-as-you-go trial for awhile and getting a plan if I was pleased with the results. I pretty much understand the...
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    Modifications Causing Instability?

    First of all, I'm posting this with the understanding that hacking my iPhone could cause all kinds of unexplained consequences, however I'm asking if anybody else has experienced these symptoms. I've been noticing that Safari likes to crash on me. It didn't start doing it really badly until...