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    iOS5 Emoji Keyboard

    Apparently IOS5 now finally has the emoji keyboard without having to download an app for it. Unfortunately, When I try to send from my iPhone to my Android all that comes across is little squares. However, sending from the Android to the iPhone they come across fine. Has anyone figured a...
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    Just installed iOS5 - stuck in sync

    I have been trying for 2 days to install IOS5 on my iPhone 4. First I kept having trouble with the backup when I tried to upgrade. I finally had to just to a restore. That seemed to work ok but now I'm trying to sync to add all my apps and it's stuck in Step 2 of 5 - Backing up. It's been...
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    iPhone is disabled- connect to iTunes

    We have an iPhone 4 and my husband's friend decided to turn the passcode lock on. Well when he tried to enter a code too many times it now says "iPhone disabled - connect to iTunes" . Is there any way to get back in without doing a restore? And if I do a restore will I lose all info, or will...
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    Alarm problem with DST

    Anyone else have an issue with their alarm this morning? My clock adjusted correctly but the alarm never went off. The notification bar showed it was on but the alarm itself just turned off.
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    Cydia database error

    Hi, All of a sudden today I started getting this error when I open Cydia: Error: Database Problem parsing dependency Suggests I can't search, I can't load any packages, or sources. Everything seems to be empty. The apps I have installed all work ok, but I can't do anything in Cydia. I have...
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    Questions about selling iPhone 3G

    I just now decided to sell my old iPhone 3G. It looks like people are still asking about $200 on craigslist, so that works for me. My question is about the best way to restore it. Right now it's running 3.1.3 and it is jailbroken. If I reset to factory will I need to install 4.0.2? Because I...
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    mail app problems - no subject no sender

    This has been going on for a few weeks now. I use gmail, set up as an exchange account and I am constantly getting mail that shows No Subject, No Sender. The way I have found to clear it is to click into the running multitask apps and close the mail program. Then when I open it again the...
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    Mobile Terminal won't run

    I have openSSH running on my phone. It installed great and things are running smoothly. I then downloaded and installed mobile terminal so that I could change my password. It installed fine, I thought. But everytime I try to run it it opens and then immediately shuts down. I did a respring...
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    LockInfo won't install

    Ok, so I got the jailbreak to work! yay! Cydia is installed, although it seems to time out a lot. Now I'm trying to install LockInfo and I keep getting this error: "Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot by automatically found...
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    How to update a jailbroken phone

    I'm sorry if this has been covered but I could not find a clear answer. If my phone is jb and then later I want to update to a new version what is the process? Would I have to restore to factory before updating? Or just update and then do a new jb? Thanks for your help.
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    Photo on incoming call

    With the 3G phone I had when I got a call anyone with a pic would show up as a full screen pic. Now with the new phone I only get a thumbnail in the top corner. I thought maybe it was a glitch from when I first synced the phone so I took a new pic with the camera and set it up. But it's still...
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    iMovie for iPhone 4

    Has anyone used this yet. It just came out and I got it right away. I'm coming from a 3G so have not had video. I'm disappointed in the app though. Seems all it really does is let you clip the movie and add some cheesy music. Am I missing something? I can't really find any instructions so I...
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    Is there a way to organize photos on iPhone without using iTunes?

    Is there any way yet to organize photos as you take them on the phone. Can you set up folders on the phone and send new images there. Or do you still have to do all this via iTunes?
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    Syncing old phone after new phone is activated

    I'm ready to activate my new phone but don't want to reset my old one until I have the new one as I want it. Will I still be able to sync the old one with the same iTunes just so I can restore it to original settings?