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  1. Grayburn

    Eclipse : Bring 'NightMode' to iOS7

    This is looking very interestiing, night mode for iOS 7!
  2. Grayburn

    Batch Image Renamer?

    Anyone know of a good batch image renamer that'll work on Windows 8? I have 3 folders of photos from my 4, 4S and my 5 and as you know all are named IMGXXXX so i cant drop them all in the one folder so would like them all in date order. Hope someone can help.
  3. Grayburn

    Confusing Messages Problem

    Me and the wife both have iOS 7 installed and she previously never used to use iMessage but since installing 7 it's been activated again. Now, i sent her a message and her reply came back in a newly started section so i now have 2 sections with messages from her, one with SMS's and the other...
  4. Grayburn

    Looking to add friends on Foursquare

    Who uses foursquare and is an active member, i'm looking for more active friends to make my experience better. Let me know and i'll add you or post your 4sq page url.