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  1. jtlax3

    What deficiencies can be updated with software?

    Anybody know if this list of current iPhone deficiencies can be fixed with a software update? or will this stuff not physically work with the first iPhone (like 3g or GPS are hardware fixes) iPhone doesn’t support Cut/Copy/Paste. Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) is not supported. Can’t record video -...
  2. jtlax3

    who's wearing the pants?

    anyone else out there thinkits funny that nobody at att seems to know what the heck it going on? I mean they don't even list the rate plans on their website, they just link you over to Apples site so you can see what the plans are. Guess we know who's wearing the pants in this relationship...
  3. jtlax3


    Holy cow. I have to say that as we get closer and closer to the release date, people seem to be getting more and more up tight! come on guys, let's all just get along... do we have to get a rousing rendition of kumbaya going? hahaha:wink:
  4. jtlax3

    Very Random Question

    Here is a question that is right out of left field, but I figure that someone here might be able to either answer it or direct me to where I can find the answer. Is it possible to "hack" into someones cell phone and use their microphone as a recorder device and then call them and leave that...