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    vcard in Google map app

    Since the 3.0 updated whenever I send a "Share my location" feature in the Google maps app it tried to send a vcard that I have to manually delete; and it does not send it correctly and messes up the link sent. This happens with both the V1 and 3Gs. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Does not recognize touch tones

    I tried searching the forum, Apple's and ATT's site, no luck. I hoping someone can help me out or point me in the right direction. I can not access anything from my iPhone that requires touch tones, home answering machine, work voice mail, ect. What do I have to do? PS- V1 phone and it has...
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    You note app

    For those looking for a notes app that you can sync with your laptop with no signing up for service, check this app out. I lost all my notes when my phone crashed and I wish I had this back then. Its free, it syncs through wifi to your PC, and it does text, voice record, photo, and hand drawn...
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    Solar iPhone?

    Sounds interesting. Apple's Solar Strategy Miriam Marcus, 05.26.08, 6:00 PM ET It's possible that Apple's future just got sunnier. Employees at computer, phone and software...
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    Got an extra $20G

    Got $20,000.00 burning a hole in your pocket that you just have to spend?;jsessionid=ac112b2a1f438c3dc09aabefore448828de48af195cb5a6e.e3eSbNyQc3mLe34Pa38Ta38Sbx90