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    New Cases to check out!

    wow, could this actually be a case worth buying? Fit and finish look much nicer than agent 18 and especially the seidio. Too bad you can't get the white insert with the black case, that'd be good looking. Anyone care to take the plunge and write a detailed review?
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    Nice Looking iPhone battery booster

    Based on looks alone, the thing looks great, better than most cases I've seen. I'd like to know how well it works...
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    iPhone music through car audio perfectly

    What exactly is your setup?
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    Laserline review.

    keep us posted...
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    Gmail now with IMAP!

    Okay, so after configuring my mail account and iPhone for IMAP here is the only difference I notice. When I go to the Mailboxes screen on my phone I know have: All Mail, Drafts, Sent Mail, Spam, Starred, and Trash. What else am I missing here people?
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    Gmail now with IMAP!

    Hate to pull the ignorant card but I'm unsure as to why IMAP is actually that much better. Any help?
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    I got a scratch on the screen!

    I just noticed a scratch on my screen a few days ago as well. I had the BodyGuardz then took it off because but it ruined the crisp display of the iPhone. I'd steer clear of it, only thing I have to show for it is a scratch...
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    iPhone text msging privacy in 1.1.1?

    it'd be nice, but i don't think its here yet.
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    Apple loosens grip on iPhone softwareStory Highlights

    great news, I hope the kit arrives on schedule
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    Handbrake error: The CLI is about to read the DVD...

    No, that is what happened with one DVD during encoding. I tried another one, Tommy Boy and the process took about 2 hours. Once it finally finished and I thought it worked I went to add the file into iTunes and it wouldn't add. I used the exact settings you mentioned in your first post...
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    Handbrake error: The CLI is about to read the DVD...

    Yup, i've got the green smiley and everything. It stops with this line "Encoding task 1 of 1, .56% <9.04 fps, avg 33.19 fps, ETA 1h22m16s." It keeps trying to read the CD for hours or until you stop it. Thanks for the help and if any of that triggers any ideas let me know. thanks again.
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    CASES: Agent 18 vs seidio rubber vs PowerSupport Crystal Set- Pix

    I'd like to read the review and especially see some pictures...
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    Handbrake error: The CLI is about to read the DVD...

    Woofus, thanks for the info on decrypting the DVDs. I have the program installed and I monitor it once I insert a DVD however I am still having the same problem. As far as your source options do you select folder and then simply click the DVD or do you open it and use the Video folder? On...
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    Handbrake error: The CLI is about to read the DVD...

    So I just downloaded and installed the newest and greatest update to HandBrake for PC. I have never used the program before now so this problem is not new to me. I start HandBrake and select the iPhone preset then insert my DVD, browse, find the D: drive, it then tells me "The CLI is about to...
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    iPhone Ringtones?

    I am having the same problem that you just mentioned, however, I am having it with multiple artists and songs downloaded at different times. Why can't we make ringtones?
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    my alternative to the Apple headphones

    just completed mine using the skull candy ear buds posted earlier in the thread. Mine was nearly a complete and total disaster had I not taken my time. My first problem is I completed this swap without using a soldering iron. My logic was this: spend $30 bucks on ear buds, then another 20-25...
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    Post your data usage

    I am curious as to how much some of you actually use your iPhones. You can check your data usage ie. sent and received by going to settings->usage->then taking note of your EDGE Network Data We'll see who the serious iPhone web surfers are out there. Nothing crazy but I'll start: data...
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    Sound coming from only one speaker on iPhone

    After reading all of the speaker posts about low volume i came to my own realization. Only one of the speakers on my iPhone works. Only my left speaker functions whether it be when my phone rings or when i am playing music via the ipod. Has anyone else noticed this about their iPhone ? If I...
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    question on skins

    Bodyguardz is the skin everyone seems to love. I installed mine last week and could NOT be more disappointed. The corners of the skin are peeling up, a bubble has magically risen under the film on my screen. This weekend I had sunscreen on my face, after placing a call with my phone the...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    I have never seriously considered getting a case for my iPhone but this could change it. Does anyone on here have any experience with their iPhone case? I'd particularly like to know how it covers the front of the phone, how you remove the piece etc.