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    vibrate mod

    is there anyway to mod the SMS vibrate to vibrate more then just one time? really hard to tell if i got a txt when its in my pocket.
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    iPhone screen scratched

    i just noticed i got acouple scratches in my screen...i dropped it today but it was on carpet and tile so dunno where the scratches came from. can i get it replaced at Apple?
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    car setting//Bluetooth

    i just got the iPhone today...i feel like a kid again lol with my other phone i had bluetooth earpiece....plantronics i had a setting for the ringer that i guess was used mainly for the car not sure really but, when someone calls it would say the number or if it was in my contacts it would say...
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    email smtp

    this was just brought up as someone called in to our tech department (optimum online) with email setup on the iPhone most ISP require, well we do, to have the smtp set to go through us such as this seems to work fine if u are connected wifi but it doesn't seem to work if u...