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    Just unlocked my old 3GS to work on Verizon

    Yeah...sure you did
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I like simple & clean... Using the Epitome theme on my iOS4 jailbroken 3GS. Eagerly awaiting StatusNotifier for 4.0 as well as ability to change signal strength/WiFi bars....
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    Any opinions on Skinomi Techskin (3G)?

    I'll vouch for the wrapsol; I've had mine on for a couple weeks (also use a Griffin reveal w/ a BSE simple back on it...yeah I know, crazy to use a skin on a case..). I LOVE the matte finish of the wrapsol.
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    V1-To Sell Or Not To Sell..........

    Thanks for posting the cashforiPhones site... I'm in the same boat, and have been wondering what to do w/ my 1st gen iPhone. It sits there totally unused. I also have a Nokia 6500 SLIDE that I bought a month before I got the 1st gen iPhone, so the Nokia would act as my backup phone (I haven't...
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    Ultimate Ears latest offering

    Yep, these are nice phones. A buddy of mine got them too, and they are all that. If I did as much businesss travel as I used to, I could justify getting these, especially since all of my music is ripped/encoded to ALAC (I'm a Mac guy, and use Steve's proprietary codec :) )
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    iPhone 3GS: The first 30 days.

    I've only had mine since 7/7, but I've gotta say, I am glad I finally caved & upgraded from my Gen 1 iPhone. Build quality isn't as good as my Gen 1, but so far, not even close to the horror stories I've seen posted on several forums.
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    Griffin Reveal...Opinions?

    ^^ Yeah, I definitely see your point about using a BSE to protect an external case, but the scratches would bother me. I strongly prefer clear cases (there's just no accounting for taste, I guess!). IMO, most cases are bulky/ugly. I don't want something to cover up the inherent beauty of the...
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    Griffin Reveal...Opinions?

    I haven't seen much comment on this case (maybe because they are in such short supply). Just wondering if anyone here got one before the backorders started.. I placed an order direct from Griffin middle of last week, and in response to an inquiry I submitted through their website, I was...
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    iBEC and iBSS certificates

    I used the tutorial from iClarified (for Mac users), and the terminal command they provide makes this painless... So, I have the iBEC, iBSS & did the ECID thing via purplera1n....stored them on three different places/hard drives. LOL, we're all probably doing this for no reason...better to be...
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    There's no perfect 3G case - YET

    Even though it's kinda expensive for what you get, I will be ordering the Power Support Air Jacket (clear). I know it doesn't offer much in terms of protection--especially from drops, but what I want most is scratch protection for the back of my 3G S (if the damn thing would ever ship, that...
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    Do it at your own risk!

    Eeesh; those were some nerve-racking days!
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    My iPhone 3GS makes loud banging noise

    Wut? Message is too short
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    New 3.0 firmware. Is it for the iPhone2g?

    But it's not worth jailbreaking until you know for sure which apps will be ready to use on 3.0.... Just saying'
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    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    Thanks... Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the sales tax for the phone itself... I've made a few posts saying I don't want to upgrade (I have a 8GB v1 iPhone), but I am more tempted now a couple days removed from WWDC for some reason. Simple upgradeitis, perhaps? Anyways, I think I'll at least...
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    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    Any current AT&T customers pre-ordering from the AT&T site as opposed to Apple? I''m wondering whether AT&T charges the $18 upgrade fee at time of pre-ordering, or whether it'll show on the next monthly bill....
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    After all the hype...

    I wait with interest to read about build-quality of the S. I hope for Apple's sake they really did fix the problem many 3G owners had with cracks in the plastic housing. I think I read that Apple supposedly fixed that issue, but I there are posts on MacRumors to this day reporting cracking of...
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    upgrading from v1

    Yeah, the extra $15/month for data + 200 SMS is giving me yet another reason to not upgrade (for now) from my v1 iPhone. I currently live (though hopefully not much longer) in an area that doesn't even have 3G coverage, and the Edge service is sketchy at best other than very late at night. So...
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    Can we slow it down a second.

    I'd actually rather pay full retail for a phone than have it subsidized. That way, no nasty "surprises" when I want to upgrade. In fact, I've been with Cingular/AT&T for over 6 years, and I've never had a subsidized phone--I bought only unlocked GSM phones before getting the Edge iPhone in...
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    Will you buy the iPhone 3GS?

    Huh, out of curiosity only, I went to AT&T's iPhone page & I can't find a way to preorder the 3G S online
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    Will you buy the iPhone 3GS?

    Nope....and I'm a version 1 iPhone user (since Dec-07). I was hoping for more of an exterior design change; the video stuff means nothing to me. I'll be watching with interest all the reviews that come out over the next couple of months, however. I'm most interested in reading about build...